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"Just to Get a Rep"

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"Just to Get a Rep"
[[Aïda Mashaka Croal]] [[Category:Aïda Mashaka Croal/Producer]], [[Akela Cooper]] [[Category:Akela Cooper/Producer]], [[Gail Barringer]] [[Category:Gail Barringer/Producer]]

Quote1.png You can't control what people say. Just be the best man that you can be. And always make sure they spell your name right. Quote2.png
-- Bobby Fish

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Synopsis for "Just to Get a Rep"

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  • The Gang Starr song the episode is named after is "Just to Get a Rep", from their album Step in the Arena. Both the song and the episode paint a similar picture of crime on the streets, with Cottonmouth ordering his henchmen to bully the people of Harlem in order to get to Luke Cage. The title of the song could also be connected to how Cottonmouth and Shades dislike how Luke's reputation is growing around Harlem.
  • The songs featured in the episode are:


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Character Actor
Luke Cage Mike Colter
Cottonmouth / Cornell Stokes Mahershala Ali
Detective Misty Knight Simone Missick
Shades Theo Rossi
Claire Temple Rosario Dawson
Detective Rafael Scarfe Frank Whaley
Soledad Temple Sonia Braga
Bobby Fish Ron Cephas Jones
Captain Betty Audrey Sonja Sohn
Lieutenant Perez Manny Pérez
Aisha Axton Ninja Devoe
Zip Jaiden Kaine
Darrell Mitchell Stephen Grove Malloy
Koko Kelvin McGrue
Amos R. Marcos Taylor
Sugar Sean Ringgold
Bert Hunter Stephen Hill
Eddie Axton Mike Britt
Blue Jade Johnson
Alicia Corri English
Jerome Ian Unterman

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