"Suckas Need Bodyguards"
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  • Soledad Temple's Delivery Van

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Luke CageMike Colter
Cottonmouth / Cornell StokesMahershala Ali
Detective Misty KnightSimone Missick
Claire TempleRosario Dawson
Councilwoman Mariah DillardAlfre Woodard
Detective Rafael ScarfeFrank Whaley
Soledad TempleSonia Braga
Trish WalkerRachael Taylor
Bobby FishRon Cephas Jones
Captain Betty AudreySonja Sohn
Lieutenant PerezManny Pérez
ZipJaiden Kaine
Thembi WallaceTijuana Ricks
DionteyDanny Henriquez
C-MoneyJeremy Sample
Eric FraserAndrew Rein
Port Security OfficerKendall Lloyd
AlexJohn Clarence Stewart


  • The Gang Starr song the episode is named after is "Suckas Need Bodyguards", from their album Hard to Earn. The song describes an individual who is strong even without protection, while also criticizing those who claim to be in a position of power yet still need outside protection. This could be seen in the situation between Luke Cage, who can handle himself, and the duo of Cottonmouth and Mariah Dillard, whose positions of power are threatened by their subordinates (Detective Scarfe and the media).
  • The song featured in the episode is "People Make The World Go Round" by The Stylistics.


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