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Luke CageMike Colter
Cottonmouth / Cornell StokesMahershala Ali
Detective Misty KnightSimone Missick
ShadesTheo Rossi
Diamondback / Willis StrykerErik LaRay Harvey
Claire TempleRosario Dawson
Councilwoman Mariah DillardAlfre Woodard
Mama MabelLaTanya Richardson Jackson
Bobby FishRon Cephas Jones
Domingo ColonJacob Vargas
Inspector Priscilla RidleyKaren Pittman
Captain Betty AudreySonja Sohn
Benjamin DonovanDanny Johnson
Uncle PeteCurtiss Cook
Young CottonmouthElijah Boothe
Young MariahMegan Miller
Damon BooneClark Jackson
ZipJaiden Kaine
Young PopEdwin Freeman
Sister BoyMJ Rodriguez
DonnieEphraim Sykes


  • The Gang Starr song the episode is named after is "Manifest", from their debut album No More Mr. Nice Guy. Both the song and the episode make a display of power. In the episode, it's the depiction of both Cottonmouth's and Mariah's turn into the criminal life.
  • The music featured in the episode are:


  • This is the only episode in the season in which all regular characters appear.
  • In this episode, Zip refers to Domingo's guns as "that John Blaze s***". While it may be a reference to Ghost Rider, it's most likely a reference to one many aliases of the rapper Method Man, who in turn took the name from the Marvel comics character.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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