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Quote1.png Did I say "army"? That's not the right word when you're dealing with super-people. The right word... is team. A medical team. Quote2.png

Marvel's Medics was a team of superheroes with medical training lead by Valkyrie and Doctor Strange to save Death.[1]


After receiving an ominous message from a reanimated corpse that "Death is dying", Dr. Jane Foster transformed into Valkyrie and headed to the Sanctum Sanctorum. After consulting with Doctor Strange, the pair made a plan to save Death and called Night Nurse to assemble a team of medically trained superheroes. Night Nurse was able to recruit Cardiac, Excalibur, and Manikin.[1]

Assembling Marvel's Medics

Together, the team ventured into Realm of Death to seek out, diagnosis, and treat Death to stop the universe from breaking.[1] Once the team arrived at Death's palace, Excalibur used her sword to allow her teammates to pass "Charon". In a gallery with only one painting, Cardiac attacked Doctor Strange to thwart the team's mission. Manikin tried to stop him in his Proto form, but Cardiac accidentally killed him. Ultimately, Jane Foster alone was left to convince the Death of Death that the world still needed Death.[2]




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