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Synopsis for "Reunion"

2 years after the death of their friend and Nico's sister Amy, Alex invites his former friends over to his parents' house for a get-together, during their parents' annual PRIDE meeting.

They initially decline the offer, but reconsider when each of their day doesn't go as planned: Karolina being rescued by Chase from being raped by his friends at a party, Nico failing to resurrect her dead sister through a Wiccan ritual, Gert being abandoned by Chase on their Spanish study session they had planned together, and Molly trying out her newfound powers and discovering a dinosaur in her parents' basement laboratory.

When Chase decides to raid Alex's parents' liquor cabinet, they accidentally find a secret entrance to a previously unknown cellar in their house. When in the cellar, they come across their parents performing a ritual sacrificing a girl, who Karolina recognizes as being Destiny from her church. Molly tries to take a picture of the event, but the flash from the camera draws the attention of their parents, forcing the kids to flee.


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Character Actor
Alex WilderRhenzy Feliz
Nico MinoruLyrica Okano
Chase SteinGregg Sulkin
Karolina DeanVirginia Gardner
Gert YorkesAriela Barer
Molly HernandezAllegra Acosta
Geoffrey WilderRyan Sands
Catherine WilderAngel Parker
Tina MinoruBrittany Ishibashi
Robert MinoruJames Yaegashi
Dale YorkesKevin Weisman
Stacey YorkesBrigid Brannagh
Leslie DeanAnnie Wersching
Frank DeanKip Pardue
Victor SteinJames Marsters
Janet SteinEver Carradine
Destiny GonzalezNicole Wolf
Señor WalterMark Adair-Rios
EiffelDanielle Campbell
BrandonZayne Emory
LucasTimothy Granaderos
Nurse JohnsDinora Walcott
Little CreeperMatthew Salisbury
Big CreeperCesar A. Garcia
ParishionerSoraya Kelley
AuraPat Lentz
FrancesHeather Olt
MeganArchana Rajan
Lyft DriverMatthew Salisbury
Decrepit FigureRic Sarabia

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