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Season 1

  1. Horizon High: Part One
  2. Horizon High: Part Two
  3. Osborn Academy
  4. A Day in the Life
  5. Party Animals
  6. Sandman
  7. Symbiotic Relationship
  8. Stark Expo
  9. Ultimate Spider-Man
  10. Kraven's Amazing Hunt
  11. Halloween Moon
  12. Spider-Man on Ice
  13. Venom
  14. Screwball Live
  15. The Rise of Doc Ock: Part One
  16. The Rise of Doc Ock: Part Two
  17. The Rise of Doc Ock: Part Three
  18. The Rise of Doc Ock: Part Four
  19. Spider-Island: Part One
  20. Spider-Island: Part Two
  21. Spider-Island: Part Three
  22. Spider-Island: Part Four
  23. Spider-Island: Part Five
  24. Hobgoblin: Part One
  25. Hobgoblin: Part Two

Season 2

  1. How I Thwipped My Summer Vacation
  2. Take Two
  3. Between an Ock and a Hard Place
  4. Rise Above It All
  5. School of Hard Knocks
  6. Dead Man's Party
  7. Venom Returns
  8. Bring on the Bad Guys: Part One
  9. Bring on the Bad Guys: Part Two
  10. Bring on the Bad Guys: Part Three
  11. Bring on the Bad Guys: Part Four
  12. Brain Drain
  13. The Living Brain
  14. The Day Without Spider-Man
  15. My Own Worst Enemy
  16. Critical Update
  17. A Troubled Mind

Marvel's Spider-Man is a reboot of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, which coincided with the release of the film Spider-Man: Homecoming. The series was announced as being under development on October 2016, with plans of featuring Venom, Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen in the series.[1][2]

The Marvel's Spider-Man Origin Season was released in June 2017, prior to season 1 in August 2017.

On January 24, 2018, it was announced that this series had been renewed for a second season.[3]

On May 30, 2019, it was announced that this series had been renewed for a third season.[4]



  • Collette Sunderman - ADR Voice Director
  • Kris Zimmerman - Casting and Voice Director






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