"Marvel's Spider-Man" Origin Short 1

"Marvel's Spider-Man" Origin Short 1

"Marvel's Spider-Man" Origin Short 1

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Quote1 I know it's usually an exaggeration to say someone's life changed overnight. But with me, it's actually true. Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "Introduction!"

Featured Characters:

  • Peter Parker (First appearance) (Main story and flashforward) (As Spider-Man in flashforward)

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and flashback)


  • Earth-TRN633 (First appearance)
  • New York (First appearance) (Main story and flashforward)
    • New York City (First appearance) (Main story and flashforward)
      • Manhattan (First appearance) (Main story and flashforward)
        • Oscorp Tower (First appearance) (Main story and flashforward)
        • Horizon High (Mentioned)
        • Midtown High (Mentioned)


Synopsis for "Introduction!"

While patrolling Manhattan contemplating the recent beginning of his superhero career, Spider-Man recalls the origin of his powers after swinging through Oscorp Tower.

Few weeks earlier, Midtown High student Peter Parker visited Oscorp Industries as part of a field trip. After geeking out over getting his very own Oscorp identification badge (albeit a visitor pass), Peter meets up with his best friend and former classmate Harry Osborn, son of Oscorp's president. While taking pictures of the laboratories, Peter sights a peculiar spider crawling through a wall. At the next second, an alarm sounds notifying of a containment breach. Peter approaches an employee wearing a hazard uniform who informs him that some experimental spiders have escaped, though he also brushes off any potential worries. Peter is subsequently pulled back to the field trip group by his teacher Spencer Smythe.

An Oscorp scientist introduces the students to the company, though he's interrupted when Peter enthusiastically finishes his sentence. Before introducing the students to the equipment, the guide denotes how any true scientist can solve any problem using the five steps of the scientific method: observation, hypothesis, prediction, experimentation and conclusion. Peter again finishes the guide's sentence, prompting Smythe to scold him.

The field trip continues, and the guide asks for volunteers to try out a two-manned robot. Smythe's son Alistaire attempts to come forward, but Harry suggests Peter and his trip partner Liz Allan go instead. Before trying out the device, Liz asks Peter to switch places with her since she's left-handed. As soon as Peter places his hand on the device, the spider from earlier swings down from a web and bites Peter in the hand. Feeling dizzy from the spider bite, Peter asks Harry for directions to the toilet. As soon as Peter runs down the hall, Harry realizes he gave Peter directions to a bathroom in consruction. When Peter finds the door locked, he slams his hand into it, accidentally breaking the door open. Terrified, Peter wonders what is happening to him.


  • Peter Parker mentions gamma radiation and "Asgardian interference" when trying to guess the reason for the containment breach at Oscorp Tower.


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