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-- Luke Cage to Cole Miller

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  • Rand Enterprises Private Jet
  • Rand Enterprises Private Helicopter

Synopsis for "The H Word"

Danny Rand and Colleen Wing try to save a man in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, but they are unsuccessful and the man is murdered by a mysterious assassin. The dying man tells Danny and Colleen that the real war is in New York City. Back in New York, Jessica Jones is trying to avoid her newfound popularity, Luke Cage returns to the city after finishing his prison sentence, and Matt Murdock resumes his legal career while trying to put his vigilante activity behind him. Luke reunites with Claire Temple and Misty Knight and begins investigating the deaths of several young men who were hired for mysterious courier work. Alexandra, the leader of the Hand, is told that she only has a few months left to live, so she orders Madame Gao to speed up the Hand's plans for New York. Jessica is hired to track down a missing man but finds that his apartment is filled with demolition explosives. Manhattan is suddenly hit by a powerful earthquake, while Alexandra meets with the Hand assassin, who is revealed to be Elektra Natchios.


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  • When Luke returns to Harlem, an advert for Mariah Dillard's "New Harlem Renaissance" is seen on a bus. This is a callback to Mariah's political platform from season one of Marvel's Luke Cage.
  • A Jidenna poster is seen in Cole Miller's apartment. Jidenna previously made an appearance in the Marvel's Luke Cage episode "Just to Get a Rep".

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Character Actor
Daredevil / Matt MurdockCharlie Cox
Jessica JonesKrysten Ritter
Luke CageMike Colter
Iron Fist / Danny RandFinn Jones
Malcolm DucasseEka Darville
Foggy NelsonElden Henson
Colleen WingJessica Henwick
Detective Misty KnightSimone Missick
Trish WalkerRachael Taylor
Karen PageDeborah Ann Woll
Elektra NatchiosElodie Yung
Claire TempleRosario Dawson
AlexandraSigourney Weaver
Madame GaoWai Ching Ho
Father Paul LantomPeter McRobbie
Cole MillerJ. Mallory McCree
Dolores MillerDebbi Morgan
Michelle RaymondMichelle Federer
Lexi RaymondChloe Levine
Mr. BerkowitzSimon Feil
ShaftMarko Zaror

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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