Quote1.png I know what you want but you're not gonna get it. Because unlike you, my master taught me loyalty. Quote2.png
-- Iron Fist (Danny Rand)

Appearing in "Fish in the Jailhouse"

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Synopsis for "Fish in the Jailhouse"

Recovering from their injuries, Matt, Jessica, and Luke are detained by Misty. With help from Foggy, Matt, Luke, Jessica, and Colleen break out of the precinct, intending to save Danny and destroy Alexandra's office building with the confiscated explosives. Meanwhile, Elektra kills Alexandra and assumes leadership of The Hand, continuing the previous plan of leading Danny underground in order to unlock a passageway.


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Character Actor
Daredevil / Matt Murdock Charlie Cox
Jessica Jones Krysten Ritter
Luke Cage Mike Colter
Iron Fist / Danny Rand Finn Jones
Foggy Nelson Elden Henson
Colleen Wing Jessica Henwick
Detective Misty Knight Simone Missick
Bakuto Ramón Rodríguez
Karen Page Deborah Ann Woll
Elektra Natchios Elodie Yung
Claire Temple Rosario Dawson
Stick Scott Glenn
Madame Gao Wai Ching Ho
Murakami Yutaka Takeuchi
Captain Strieber Ron Simons
Cop #1 Michael Basile

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