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"The Defenders"

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"The Defenders"
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Quote1.png Matt said something before he told us to leave. He said, "Protect my city." Quote2.png
-- Iron Fist (Danny Rand)

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Synopsis for "The Defenders"

With the aid of Claire and Misty, Colleen plants the explosives in the weak points of the building's infrastructure and decapitates Bakuto in the process. Matt, Luke, and Jessica make their way underground and get involved in an uphill battle with Elektra's men and Murakami. Once reunited with Danny, Matt orders the group to leave the underground tunnels without him in an attempt to save Elektra. The ensuing explosion leads the group to believe that Matt is dead, while the details of their heroics are covered up in order to maintain stability. While Danny, Luke, and Jessica piece their respective lives back together, Matt is revealed to have been saved by a local church elsewhere and is regaining consciousness.




Character Actor
Daredevil / Matt Murdock Charlie Cox
Jessica Jones Krysten Ritter
Luke Cage Mike Colter
Iron Fist / Danny Rand Finn Jones
Malcolm Ducasse Eka Darville
Foggy Nelson Elden Henson
Colleen Wing Jessica Henwick
Detective Misty Knight Simone Missick
Bakuto Ramón Rodríguez
Trish Walker Rachael Taylor
Karen Page Deborah Ann Woll
Elektra Natchios Elodie Yung
Claire Temple Rosario Dawson
Madame Gao Wai Ching Ho
Murakami Yutaka Takeuchi
Captain Strieber Ron Simons
Cop #1 Brandon Morris
Nun Zenzi Williams

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