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  • New York
    • New York City
      • Stark Enterprises Building
      • Docks
    • Unidentified Mountain Range
      • Forest
      • Crimson Dynamo's Factory



Alarms blast throughout the Stark Enterprises Building, and Tony Stark rushes to grab his Iron Man Armor only to find the security breach has cost him his suit. A locator beacon installed into his armor allows Tony to suit up in one of his other suits, tracking down its signal to the docks. Iron Man makes his way through a barrage of robotic soldiers until he encounters his cousin, Morgan Stark, suited up in his own battle suit. Taking the unconscious Morgan to his own hideout, Tony finds the stolen armor. He notices Morgan had cracked the suit's security codes and uploaded its system data to another location via satellite link-up. Fearing that the recipients could use this information against him or reverse-engineer it to manufacture their own armor, Iron Man sets his sights on a nearby mountain range where the satellite was aimed.

On his way to the mountains, Iron Man finds a secret robot army in the middle of a forest. Noticing that the scale of the operation is beyond Morgan's league, Stark realizes his cousin is only part of something bigger than he thought. Iron Man's exploration of the forest ends when he is confronted by the mercenary Blizzard after destroying the robot army. Blizzard flees the battle before Iron Man can defeat him, prompting Stark to give chase in hopes that he knows the location of the data.

Iron Man follows Blizzard to the snowy mountains, where he fights more enemies as he makes his way to the top. When Iron Man catches up to him, Blizzard reveals that with the data uploaded from his armor, he and his cohort will be able to build an even bigger robotic army whose power will be impossible to match. As Iron Man and Blizzard fight, the villain regularly retreats inside a device that allows him to recover, but Iron Man manages to defeat him, cutting his retreats short by blasting the machine while Blizzard is using it. Noticing Blizzard's device was set up in front of the backdoor to a facility, Iron Man busts through it.

Stark enters the industrial facility to meet the mastermind and ensure the stolen data is never used. After fighting numerous robotic soldiers while moving higher into the tower, Iron Man finally comes face to face against the mastermind, Crimson Dynamo. The villain gloats that he has used the stolen data to recalibrate his armor so it now absorbs the energy from Iron Man's repulsors. Stark manages to defeat the villain by overloading his armor with unibeam attacks and then ramming into him while he's stunned. The energy released from Crimson Dynamo's damaged armor triggered explosions throughout the tower. Iron Man flies away as the complex explodes behind him, confident that the damage must have wiped any information stored within the tower's databanks. Although reassured that his secrets are safe once again, Stark sets out to tighten his security once he returns home, and remains wary of what could happen next time.


  • This game is a platformer divided in eight levels, with a checkpoint in the middle of each one. Each two levels encompass a different environment and the final level of each enviornment is topped off by a boss fight. The two final boss encounters take place in their own special levels, whereas the first two take place within their respective regular level.
    • Levels 1 and 2: The Docks, and its boss is Morgan Stark.
    • Levels 3 and 4: Deep Dark Forest, and its boss is Blizzard.
    • Levels 5 and 6: Alpine Snow, and its boss is Blizzard.
    • Levels 7 and 8: The Industrial Research Tower, and its boss is Crimson Dynamo.
  • Gameplay consists on the player controlling Iron Man from one side to another of a level, from left to right. Basic move set consists of jumping (A button), firing Repulsor Beams (B button) and Flying Shoulder Charges (R button). Pressing the A button again after jumping makes Iron Man use his boot jets to perform a double jump. Holding the B button allows Iron Man to charge his repulsors, firing a massive blast when the player lets go of the button. Iron Man possesses a health bar and an energy bar. The energy bar is depleted by firing Repulsor Beams. Both bars can be refilled by pickup items, but the energy bar also fills up on its own. An orb-shaped pickup item with a purple star in the middle grants Iron Man temporary invincibility.
  • Orb-shaped pickup items unlock a special attack (L button), and the orbs can be stacked up to two to change the special attack. One orb makes the attack a unibeam that kills all enemies directly in front of Iron Man. Two orbs makes the attack an energy pulse that kills all enemies on the screen. All orbs are depleted when the special attack is used. The player can also find pickup items modeled after Iron Man's helmet to gain an extra life.
  • Each level in the game includes a gallery pickup modeled after a portrait of Iron Man. The gallery entries include descriptions for characters and Iron Man trivia. These images are taken from the following sources:


  • The game's logo corresponds to the logo from Iron Man (Vol. 3) (issues #1–49).
  • Although the armor design featured in the box art corresponds to the Iron Man Armor Model 16, which was contemporary to this game, the suit that Tony wears in the title card and cutscenes appears to be the Iron Man Armor Model 4 with red-colored shoulders. However, during the gameplay segments, Tony's armor resembles the Silver Centurion Armor with gold instead of silver.
  • Screens present throughout The Industrial Research Tower show the schemantics of the Model 4 and Silver Centurion Armor.
  • The armor stolen is identified as "Suit 6" in Tony Stark's computers.
  • The game supports several cheat codes to be entered in the title screen:
    • Invincibility: Right, Up, Left, A, Right, Select
    • Unlock Level Select: Select, Up, B, A, Right, Up
    • Unlock Gallery: Up, Down, Left, Right
    • Stronger Repulsor Blasts: Up, Down, Left, Right, B
    • Unlimited Unibeams: B, A, Left, Down, Up, Right

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