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Quote1.png I'm not going to let you die today... Dying's easy. You're going to learn about pain. You're going to learn about loss. Every morning, I look for 'em, Bill. I look for 'em, but then I remember. It's going to be the same for you. When you look at your ugly, mangled face, you're going to remember what you did. You'll remember, Bill. You're going to remember me! Quote2.png
Punisher (Frank Castle)


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As the authorities close in, an exhausted but unbroken Frank vows to put an end to the war that has consumed his life.


Punisher / Frank CastleJon Bernthal
Micro / David LiebermanEbon Moss-Bachrach
Billy RussoBen Barnes
Dinah MadaniAmber Rose Revah
Curtis HoyleJason R. Moore
Sarah LiebermanJaime Ray Newman
Marion JamesMary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Farah MadaniShohreh Aghdashloo
Rafael HernandezTony Plana
Dr. Hamid MadaniHoushang Touzie
Leo LiebermanRipley Sobo
Zach LiebermanKobi Frumer
Maria CastleKelli Barrett
Frank Castle, Jr.Aidan Pierce Brennan
Lisa CastleNicolette Pierini
CarlJosh Caras
HayleySabrina Reitman
CopYadira Correa


  • This finale shares the title with Punisher (Vol. 10) #1.
    • Micro also explains the meaning of the Latin phrase "Memento Mori" in the eleventh episode of this series. In that episode, he is referring to the Frank's Punisher insignia, but the title of this episode refers to the facial scars Frank gives Billy.
  • Houshang Touzie and Shohreh Aghdashloo, who portray Dr. Hamid Madani and Farah Madani, respectively, are married in real life as well.

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