Quote1.png You're not the only ghost in this town, Frank. Quote2.png
-- Micro (David Lieberman)

Appearing in "Two Dead Men"

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  • 2002 Chevy Impala (Micro's car) (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Two Dead Men"

A mysterious phone call force Frank's hand. Meanwhile, Madani goes digging for suspects and Curtis delivers a message.



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Character Actor
Punisher / Frank Castle Jon Bernthal
Micro / David Lieberman Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Billy Russo Ben Barnes
Dinah Madani Amber Rose Revah
William Rawlins Paul Schulze
Curtis Hoyle Jason R. Moore
Sam Stein Michael Nathanson
Sarah Lieberman Jaime Ray Newman
Karen Page Deborah Ann Woll
Carson Wolf C. Thomas Howell
Ellison Geoffrey Cantor
Leo Lieberman Ripley Sobo
Zach Lieberman Kobi Frumer
Maria Castle Kelli Barrett
Frank Castle, Jr. Aidan Pierce Brennan
Lisa Castle Nicolette Pierini
Ahmad Zubair Shezi Sardar
Gunner Henderson Jeb Kreager
Waitress Darlene Violette

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