Quote1 What you picked, that's called a KA-BAR. It's a Marine's best friend. You know, up close, I'd rather have this than any firearm. You see, with a gun, the target can get lucky. A bullet can miss what's important. But not with this. You slide it in, you guide it through... and you rip right into the parts of a man that make him dead. Quote2
-- Punisher (Frank Castle / Pete Castiglione)

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Synopsis for "Cold Steel"

Russo opens up to Madani about his past, Sarah shares her concerns about her son with Frank, and a decoy operation takes a turn.


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Character Actor
Punisher / Frank CastleJon Bernthal
Micro / David LiebermanEbon Moss-Bachrach
Billy RussoBen Barnes
Dinah MadaniAmber Rose Revah
William RawlinsPaul Schulze
Sam SteinMichael Nathanson
Sarah LiebermanJaime Ray Newman
Zach LiebermanKobi Frumer
WeemsGraham Wolfe
GeigerQuincy Chad
Carla RussoAndrea Leigh
Nurse KatiePorter Kelly

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