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--Richard Nixon

Appearing in "Our World -- Enslaved!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Fantastic Four #104.

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Synopsis for "Our World -- Enslaved!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Fantastic Four #104.

The Fantastic Four and the Sub-Mariner return to the shores of New York City to witness the Atlantean army -- under the command of Magneto -- attack the city and incapacitate the military forces that have been set up there to meet them. When Namor tries to fly off to stop this senseless battle, Reed convinces him that the only thing he can do right now is pretend that he is siding with Magneto in order to buy them time to defeat their mutual foe. Despite his reservations, the Sub-Mariner agrees to follow Reed's advice. As the Fantastic Four speed away, Namor approaches his flagship and agrees to Magneto's terms. Magneto then orders Namor to lead his armies on an assault on Manhattan, warning him not to fail as the fate of Sue Richards and Lady Dorma hang in the balance.

The Fantastic Four return to their headquarters where they are reunited with Crystal. They are also contacted by President Nixon, who informs them that the Sub-Mariner has gathered an army on the mainland where they have been herding citizens as prisoners. Regardless of the pressures on him from the Commander-in-Chief, Reed assures the President that he can stop the invasion before it's too late. He then sends Johnny out to call the Sub-Mariner back in. Narrowly avoiding Atlantean cannon fire, Johnny learns that Magneto plans to set up operations in Central Park. The pair then race off to face him there, with Johnny having complete faith in Reed coming up with an invention to stop Magneto.

As Magneto lands his flagship in Central Park, Sue tries to break free and escape under cover of her invisibility powers, but this proves to be a fruitless escape, as Magneto manages to uncover her with his magnetic powers and subdues her. Namor then confronts Magneto in the park and orders him to let his captives go or face his wrath. Back at the Baxter Building, Reed is putting the finishing touches on his device while Johnny, Ben and Crystal keep Atlantean invaders at bay. With the weapon completed, the group flies to Central Park in the Fantasti-Car. Reed then comes at Magneto with his weapon, which is powered by Crystal's elemental powers. When Magneto tries to fight back, the weapon turns his magnetic powers against him, trapping Magneto in a cone of magnetic force that he cannot escape from. With the battle now over, Namor orders his armies to stand down and return to the sea, putting an end to hostilities. With Magneto incapacitated, the Fantastic Four leave him in the park to be picked up by the military and return home.

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