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Reed Richards designed and built his experimental Marvel-1 rocket in Central City, California. The rocket was equipped with an experimental hyperdrive. The ship carried Richards, pilot Ben Grimm, Sue Storm, and Johnny Storm to the stars in their infamous unauthorized test flight which led to them being bombarded by cosmic rays and becoming the Fantastic Four. It had inadequate shielding and was destroyed during a crash landing outside Ithaca, New York.[2]

It was eventually succeeded by the Marvel-2 rocket.[1]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
100px On Earth-8212, Reed Richards decided to wait and do the rocket launch by the books with proper shielding. As a result, the mission was a success and the Marvel-1 became a cornerstone of Earth's burgeoning space industry. Consequently, it also meant that Reed and his team was never exposed to cosmic rays and developed superpowers. What If? #36
100px On Earth-9591, Warren Ellis's dystopian reality gives Reed Richards’ ship the ironic name of Astraea ("star-maiden" or "starry night"), the Hellenic goddess of innocence and purity. Ruins #2
100px On Earth-78909, Marvel-1 had a more unique design and was flown by a crew of only three – Earth-78909’s Reed Richards, Sue Storm, and Ben Grimm. Otherwise, the ship was exposed to cosmic radiation which mutated its passengers and crashed back to Earth like its counterparts. It is implied, however, that the radiation somehow affected the ship’s electronics systems as well, resulting in the creation of the robot H.E.R.B.I.E. Fantastic Four (1978 animated series)
100px On Earth-94000, Reed Richards’ triangular space shuttle was built to examine a passing comet up close, protection against cosmic rays being provided by equipment linked to a giant diamond that would absorb and retain the radiation. Unfortunately, the gem was stolen and replaced with a replica by the Jeweler, a homeless master thief who wished to impress a woman he’d been stalking. As a result, Reed Richards and his companions were irradiated by the comet, which they found gave them super powers after crashining back to Earth. Fantastic Four (1994 film)
100px On Earth-121698, Marvel-1’s equivalent would appear to be a standard space shuttle of the variety designed by private space companies, likely by Von Doom Industries. Interestingly, it was the inadequate shielding of von Doom’s space station, not the shuttle, that allowed the radiation of a cosmic storm to mutate that reality’s Fantastic Four, as well as Dr. Doom. Fantastic Four (2005 film)
100px On Earth-135263, events occurred similar to those on Earth-121698, and a scientifically advanced spacecraft designed by Reed Richards took him and his companions to an inadequately shielded space station where cosmic radiation affected them. Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes
100px On Earth-523003, Doctor Doom helped to design Reed Richards’ space shuttle, which was named the Stormrider. As a result, it was intended as a death trap for Richards, his fiancée Sue, and Sue's younger brother, built with inadequate shielding but for a collapsible suit of armor built into von Doom's chair on the flight deck. Unfortunately for him, not only did Richards and the Storms survive and inherit superhuman powers as in the mainstream reality, but Doom’s armor concentrated the radiation he was exposed to, rapidly transforming Doom into the rock-like being that Ben Grimm ultimately mutated into. What If Doctor Doom Had Become the Thing? #1
100px On Earth-534834, Reed’s spacecraft was designed much like a standard space shuttle configuration, with a specially designed orbiter vehicle carried into space by a single external tank which was ejected once in low orbit. As in the mainstream universe, the crew were affected by radiation and the spacecraft returned to Earth, crashing along a beach rather than in the wooded areas of Ithaca. Fantastic Four (1994 animated series)
100px In Earth-700089, Marvel-1 implicitly suffered a similar fate to its Earth-616 counterpart, crashlanding after flying through cosmic radiation which mutated its crew. This version was designed in a manner similar to the Fantastic Four’s Intercontinental Passenger Missile but with extended wings. Fantastic Four (1967 animated series)



  • It wasn't until Fantastic Four Vol 6 #14, 58 years after its debut, when the rocket was given an official name in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

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