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After dusting off the Marvel-1, the rocketship used in the flight that turned family into the Fantastic Four, and donating it for an exposition in the National Air and Space Museum, Reed Richards became fixated by the prospect of finishing their original mission, which was travelling to Spyre in the Kor and Kaylo star system.

With the help of Johnny Storm, Richards built the Marvel-2, a re-creation of its predecessor with the same spects, but shielding ten times stronger. Ben Grimm was initially outraged by Reed suggesting to recreate their first flight, but eventually changed his mind and joined the rest of the Fantastic Four in travelling to Spyre.[1]

Once the Marvel-2 approached the planet, the ship was attacked by Spyre's super-powered protectors, the Unparalleled and forced to crash.[2] Following a subsequent adventure in Spyre, Reed and Johnny repaired the ship and the Fantastic Four returned to Earth accompanied by Unparalleled member Sky.[3] When the team returned home, they landed aboard the Marvel-2's reentry capsule, meaning the rest of the rocket was discarded during the flight.[4]


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