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  • Nova Corps (Mentioned)
    • Nova (Jesse Alexander) (Mentioned)
  • Venom (Mentioned)
  • Hydro Man (Mentioned)
  • All-Father (Mentioned)
  • Khonshu (Mentioned)
  • Peter Parker (Miles Morales' Universe) (Mentioned) (Deceased)
  • Prowler (Aaron Davis) (Miles Morales' Universe) (Mentioned)
  • Loki (Mentioned)
  • Red Room (Mentioned)
  • Cassie Lang (Mentioned)
  • Thanos (Mentioned)

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No voice acting.


  • Like in Marvel: Avengers Alliance, the characters are categorized into 6 different groups:
    • Generalist
    • Blaster
    • Bruiser
    • Scrapper
    • Infiltrator
    • Tactician
  • Every type has an advantage against an opposite (except generalists), blasters cause critical damage to bruisers, bruisers' strength is elevated if attacks (or is attacked by) a scrapper, a scrapper has double attack against an infiltrator, infiltrator activates counterattack after attacking (or being attacked by) a tactician and when a tactician attacks a blaster an extra turn is given to them.
  • On 1 Sep 2016, a notice was placed for those who logged on,forcing players to accept before they could play the game, "After 9/30/16, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 will no longer be available on Facebook or as a mobile application. Retiring a title with such a dedicated and amazing fanbase was a decision not made lightly but we want to thank you for your engagement, passion and commitment to the game. If you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ page here:"

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