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Synopsis for "Part Two; In Which Things Begin to Change"

Sir Nicholas Fury visits Javier's Select College for the Sons of Gentlefolk to speak the the learned Carlos Javier. Sir Nicholas says that both The Inquisition and King James of Scotland are tracking down his school of "Witchbreed". Javier invites Sir Nicholas to watch his pupils train outside in the gardens.

At The Bleeding Heart Inn in London, Peter Parquagh goes to see Virginia Dare on orders of the queen, but he runs into some trouble with Mistress Dare's bodyguard, Rojhaz, until Virginia stops him. Peter tells Virginia that the Queen will receive her at Hampton Court this afternoon, and that it is his job escort her there safely. Rojhaz intimidates Peter into letting him go, too.

While Matthew Murdoch sings a verse from the Ballad of the Fantastick, he meets his ally, Natasha and they board a carriage, posing as a married couple. As they ride on to get the secret weapon, Natasha asks Matthew how he lost his eyesight. Matthew claims he does not know, but he actually remembers the occasion very well, as he stumbled on a cave with strange glowing ooze. Upon questioning, Natasha says that she works for Fury because he pays good money.

Count Otto von Doom tracks Matthew and Natasha from his castle in Latveria to have them lead him to the Templars' secret weapon. At the Court of King James, the king tells his adviser David Banner that he had a dream the strange weather is caused by their acceptance of witches. Petros relays a message to the king from the High Inquisitor, saying that once James becomes King of England, they will have the English crying for the blood of witchbreed.

Captain Nelson rows Rojhaz, Peter, and Virginia toward the Hampton Court. Peter says he works for Sir Nicholas to send the money to his aunt and uncle. However, he says his real interest is in making things, and Virginia advises him to go to the New World as they have need of such people.

While they wait for Petros in the Spanish city Domdaniel, Enrique ensures Sister Wanda that they would not be persecuted for their powers with the other witchbreed during the Inquisition, mainly on the basis of his authority as Grand Inquisitor.

After watching Javier's pupils train, Sir Nicholas Fury admires their performance level and tells Javier about an assassin that recently tried to take Fury's life. Javier reads the assassin's mind and learns about two more plotted assassination attempt: one against the Virginia Dare and another against Queen Elizabeth.

Peter presents Virginia to the Court and she gives the Queen a map of the colony of Roanoke. Suddenly, a winged assassin flies into the court and grabs Virginia. Rojhaz grabs a tray and throws it at the killer, knocking him out of the air. However, the man now has three strange claw marks across his face. Outside, it is revealed that Virginia has transformed into a griffin.


  • When Javier criticizes Fury for smoking a pipe, Fury remarks that James once made similar reproaches. James was indeed critical of smoking and even wrote A Counterblaste to Tobacco on the subject.
  • Matthew Murdoch's sings another verse from the Ballad of the Fantastick in this issue:
    "So the bosun he ups and he says to Sir Reed,
    My crew they are shaking with fear,
    Se we'll take to the boats and we'll wave you goodbye...
    For we're leaving the four of you here, you here,
    We'll leave every one of you here..."

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