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Appearing in "1602 Part Seven; In Which Many Patterns May Be Discerned, By Those With Eyes To See Them"

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Other Characters:

  • Papal agent
  • Brother Andres
  • Harry

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  • The Eagle's Shadow
  • The Virginia Maid

Synopsis for "1602 Part Seven; In Which Many Patterns May Be Discerned, By Those With Eyes To See Them"

Stephen Strange sits in his prison cell and contemplates the knowledge Uatu the Watcher recently gave to him, but cannot speak of, because of his code of silence. Meanwhile, a papal agent prepares to burn Enrique, Petros, and Sister Wanda at the stake for betraying the Church and Inquisition. As a last request, the former High Inquisitor of Spain asks the papal agent to safeguard the "sum of [his] knowledge": a collection of books, papers, and magical objects. While a messenger goes to retrieve this collection, the papal agent chastises Enrique, saying his upbringing as a child of the Church should have taught him better.

When the messenger arrives with Enrique's collection, the papal agent sets fire to the papers and objects, including a helmet Enrique claims he got from a friend. The guards watch in awe as Enrique levitates the helmet and places it on his head. Enrique breaks the chains holding himself and his fellow Witchbreed. While Petros and Sister Wanda take care of the guards, Toad confesses to his treachery, and Enrique punishes him.

The motley crew, comprising of the Witchbreed, Four from the Fantastick, Sir Nicholas Fury, and Thor, sails aboard The Eagle's Nest toward the Roanoke Colony, as Sir Richard Reed calculates that is near there that they could find the center of the strange weather. Reed asks Sir Nicholas if he has a course of action they could take there, but Sir Nicholas replies that he views his life as practically over, since he has betrayed his country.

Virginia Dare asks King James for some economic support of her colony at Roanoke, but the king says that he already has enough on his hands as he has to govern both England and Scotland. King James' adviser, David Banner presents to the king Mistress Clea Strange's petition for stay of execution, claiming that she would get rid of all her husband's magical possessions to release him into her care. King James decides to execute Doctor Strange on the grounds that he is a traitor rather than a magician.

Virginia visits Mistress Clea and gives her a plan she and Rojhaz made up to save Doctor Strange. Virginia explains that she could use her transformation power to turn into a great cat, and Rojhaz could ride her into the the Tower to save Peter Parquagh and Clea's husband. Clea, however, forbids it, reasoning that such an incident would only feed King James' hatred for anything he perceives as supernatural.

As Scotius Sumerisle emerges from the cabin of The Eagle's Nest, the Werner the Angel questions him on the well-being of Master Grey. Scotius snaps at Werner, telling him to stop this "Master Grey" business, as "Master Grey" was just a convenient fiction. Scotius soon realizes that Werner never saw through Jean "John" Grey's disguise. In the cabin, the dying Jean Grey gives Carlos Javier her last requests, to let her die as a woman and not to give her body to the sea.

Under orders of the king, Master Banner summons Peter to witness the beheading of Stephen Strange, much to his horror. At the prison where Strange's head is impaled on a spear, Clea visits and talks with the head of her husband, as he has not been fully taken by the darkness of death yet. Clea expresses her willingness to follow him into the darkness, but he reveals that his code of silence has now been lifted, and tells her about the importance of sending a time-traveling Forerunner back to the future.

For the funeral of Jean Grey, John Storm brings her body into the sky, and Scotius ignites the corpse with his eye beams. The form of a phoenix briefly ignites the sky before all that is left of the corpse is ashes. Meanwhile, Clea, Rojhaz, and Virginia Dare sneak onto the ship, The Virginia Maid, and head toward the New World.

On The Eagle's Shadow, Sir Reed posits that they live in a universe that favors stories, although John Storm counters that all tales come to an end, just like Jean and Count Doom's apparently did. After hearing that transmutations could be possible, Benjamin Grimm asks Sir Reed if there could be a way to restore him to his regular form. Sir Reed says that such a cure could exist, but that the rule of stories would hold that such a transformation would not last very long.

Peter Parquagh wakes up from his peaceful dream of swinging freely through the forests to find himself a prisoner of King James. The king questions Peter's loyalty to the crown of England and Scotland and Peter affirms it. King James expresses his rage toward the traitorous Fury and assigns Peter to work with Banner to use his trust to help the adviser kill Fury. They head off to the America to find Sir Nicholas.

While sailing on his ship to the New World, Enrique counsels Toad on the importance of keeping secrets. Enrique gives the team a new name: The Brotherhood of Those Who Will Inherit The Earth. Sister Wanda tells Enrique that they cannot break away from winds and the current, and Enrique decides to follow these strange currents.

On The Virginia Maid, Clea tells Virginia and Rojhaz about the Forerunner, which came through the rift in space that Virginia touched as a little girl and acquired her transformation powers. Clea says that her husband had suspected that Virginia was the Forerunner, but Clea says that she is not the time-traveler, asking Rojhaz for confirmation. Rojhaz breaks from his trademark scowl, and confirms these suspicions.

Solicit Synopsis

Secrets are revealed and coffins are closed as two of the 17th-century Marvel heroes lose their lives in the penultimate chapter to this major, best-selling limited series event.


  • The legend of Robert the Bruce and the spider cave is told by David Banner in this issue, in which the story serves to explain the maxim: "if at first you don't succeed, try try again."

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