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Appearing in "1602 Part Eight; In Which We Discover the Way of the World"

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  • Virginia Maid
  • The Eagle's Shadow

Synopsis for "1602 Part Eight; In Which We Discover the Way of the World"

On board the Virginia Maid, Rojhaz tells Clea and Virginia Dare that his real name is Steven Rogers and that he was born in the future. He says that when he was young, he was injected with a Super-Soldier serum so he could fight in World War II. Unlike the other heroes, Captain America did not age. Decades later, Captain America joined the underground resistance to fight Purple Man, the President-For-Life. However, the Purple Man captured Captain America and sent to the past, where he joined a Native American tribe and soon helped the colonists survive the winter.

As The Eagle's Shadow has safely reached the colony of Roanoke, Thor bids the crew goodbye and transforms back into Donal. Donal explains to Richard Reed why the Templars kept it a secret, as the presence of gods walking among men could bring down the Church. Donal then admits that he enjoyed being Thor, and believes that he has damned himself in front of Christianity.

Sir Nicholas Fury goes to the town of Roanoke ahead of the rest of the crew and tells Governor Ananias Dare that his ship is filled with an assortment of monsters. The governor trusts Sir Nicholas, and agrees to tell his colony that they have been "taken over" by these monsters and asks them to treat them with respect.

While they row to shore, Carlos Javier tells Sir Nicholas of three ships that are coming to shore, bringing unfinished business: The first carrying someone who is apparently dead, a witch, a changeling, and a someone else whose mind Javier cannot reach. The second ship carries King James' agent sent to kill Sir Nicholas and Peter Parquagh. The third ship carries the Enrique and his brotherhood, which Sir Nicholas plans on destroying, but Javier advises against such an action.

Instead, Javier and and a few of his Witchbreed travel near Enrique's ship on a small sailboat. Javier wakes Enrique up with his mind and asks him why he is coming to Roanoke. Enrique replies that a strange current brought him there. Enrique tries to get his crew to prepare for an attack, but he finds out that his ship has already been covered in ice, the work of Roberto Trefusis.

At the colony, Sir Reed describes to the Witchbreed and his Four from the Fantastick what he thinks the anomaly might look like as they search for it. After the meeting, Scotius Sumerisle explains to Werner that he had thought was Jean Grey rightfully his and that he had thought Werner was trying to steal her. Werner declines Scotius' apology, saying that although Jean's disguise had truly fooled him, he actually did have feelings for that "man".

Clea, Virginia, and Rojhaz arrive at the colony, and Virginia reunites with her father. Clea brings a small barrel carrying her husband's head to Reed. Outside, Donal explains the history of the staff used to summon Thor to Susan Storm. Nearby, two friends of Virginia tell her that the monster-folk are looking for the light on the marshes. Inside, the head of Stephen Strange tells Reed and Sir Nicholas that they have to send the time traveler back to future to mend the timestream. Virginia shows up and tells them she can show them the temporal rip.

In the marshes, Sir Reed examines what he calls a "Peredural distortion" and takes down measurements. Elsewhere, Peter strolls along the shores, singing a verse from "Greensleeves", until he finds the dead bodies of Banner's crew and Sir Nicholas cleaning a knife. Sir Nicholas admits to their murders and Peter prepares to attack Fury from behind with a knife. Sir Nicholas encourages Peter to get the job done, saying he no longer cares if he lives or dies. However, Peter flees at the last second, and Fury only laughs.

After his coronation as King of England, King James admires his accomplishments. The shadowed figure of Matthew Murdoch shows up and threatens the king, promising that he will be back if he hears that anything has happened to Fury.

On the frozen ship, Enrique agrees to help Javier once he hears that they need it, saying that "the alternative is worse." They lead Enrique to the temporal rip, which Enrique finds he can manipulate with his powers to make it large enough for Rojhaz to go back to his time.

To get the galvanic energy needed to open the portal, Reed talks with Donal about summoning Thor. Donal refuses, saying that he now understands the price of such a transformation. Susan Storm asks Donal if Thor is wiser than him, and Donal replies in the affirmative, so Susan asks him to let Thor decide. Donal summons Thor again, who agrees to help them.

After Reed advises the villagers to stay indoors, Fury discovers that Rojhaz is missing. Fury asks Virginia to help him find Rojhaz and promises not to hurt him. Virginia transforms into a white dog and tracks down Rojhaz standing atop a cliff and wearing blue and white face painting to mimic his old Captain America mask. Rojhaz says he is not going back, as he feels his duties are to this colony and the birth of a new nation. Rojhaz speaks of the heroes of his time, and Sir Nicholas asks him whether the Nicholas Fury of his time would betray him, convincing Rojhaz to come down. Fury knocks out Rojhaz with a rock, and admits to Virginia that he lied.

As Fury carries Rojhaz toward the temporal rip, Master David Banner, accompanied by Peter, aims a rifle at Fury. Virginia, still transformed as a dog, leaps on Master Banner, who instructs Peter to kill it. Instead, Peter asks the dog to get off Banner, who continues his pursuit of Fury. When Sir Nicholas and Rojhaz approach the temporal rip, Enrique manipulates it to make it large enough to walk through and Thor channels lightning to open the portal. After Fury walks through the time rift, Banner tries to shield Peter from the explosion.

Then there is silence. Uatu watches as time starts to reconfigures itself. In this new timeline, most of the colonists at Roanoke starve to death during the first winter, and a handful of colonists survive the next winter with the help of the natives. Virginia dies while in the form of the fawn, and time heals itself. However, Uatu still does not understand why he feels "empty" inside, which an older Watcher informs him is shame. This Watcher explains that the High Tribunal does not want him to forget this shame, giving him the pocket Earth-311 universe for him to watch.

After the explosion, Enrique sardonically points out that the universe has apparently no ended, although Sir Reed wonders if a new universe had come to take the place of the old one. Clea gives her husband's head to Reed for burial, and goes home through a portal to another dimension. Thor leaves to the Gards of Aesir to seek instruction from his father, Wotan, in regards to the well-being of Donal.

Enrique asks Javier to teach his children, Wanda and Petros, until he sends for them. Banner, now transformed into an angry beast, tramples through the forest. When Javier and Reed discuss the future of the colony, Reed suggests that he believes that the best course of action would be to declare the colonies independent from the tyrannical rule of King James, and establish a colony for people of all shapes and sizes to prosper.

Peter helps Virginia get up to get back home, and tells her that he cannot go back to England as Master Banner will likely report him. As Virginia offers him a place to stay with her and her father, a glowing spider lands on the back of Peter's hand and bites him.

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