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Synopsis for "Law of the Jungle"

The Fantastic Four are purchasing a crate of Vibranium when the dock is suddenly attacked by Wakandans lead by Black Panther, claiming that they stole and smuggled the Vibranium. The FF engage the Wakandans and are evenly matched until The Black Panther retreats with the Vibranium. Ben and Johnny interrogate a known overseas smuggler from the docks, and divulges their operation, an that they plan to do a supply raid. The FF take a Fantasti-Copter and travel to Wakanda to defend it. They are attacked by an "Ele-bot" and they retreat into the jungle. The Black Panther attacks the FF one by one, until they find T'Challa, who orders the Wakandans defenses to stand down. T'Challa hears them out, and takes them to the city of Wakanda. T'Challa explains that the entire country is very prosperous and does not have any polluting power sources. T'Challa takes them to eat some food, but the Vibranium smugglers arrive and disrupt Wakanda's power source to disable their high tech defenses, but The FF help T'Challa to defeat the invaders.

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