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Synopsis for "Make Mine Mysterio!"

While Peter Parker is swinging through the city, he sees a large model of Mysterio, and learns that Mysterio has given up on crime, and runs a special effects show. Skeptical, Peter enters and sees that his fellow photographer, Andy Anderson, is there taking pictures. Spider-Man confronts Mysterio during the show, but is jeered by the crowd. Spider-Man attempts to web Mysterio, but his webbing dissolves, and Mysterio punches Spider-Man repeatedly before Spidey flees.

Andy Anderson shows up and is praised by Mr. Jameson. Andy says he has access to the backstage and explains how Mysterio was able to punch so hard the night before. Peter warns Andy about Mysterio's criminal record, but is rebuffed. Later that week, Andy is taking photographs of Mysterio's prop room, where Mysterio forbade him to go. Suddenly, Andy falls through a holographic floor.

While Peter eats his dinner, Andy calls him and says that he fell into an underground tunnel, but Mysterio catches him before he can finish, and Peter swings to the show to fight Mysterio, but discovers the Mysterio on stage is a robot. Peter uses his spider-sense to find the tunnel backstage leading into a secret room where Mysterio holds Andy prisoner. He finds out Mysterio sets up the show to rob the audience's valuables under their noses. Spider-Man takes them by surprise, defeats Mysterio, and rescues Andy.

Solicit Synopsis

There's a new sensation on the New York City stage--and his name is Mysterio! Could it be that one of Spidey's greatest foes has gone legit? Or does the master of illusion have yet another trick up his sleeve?


This story was featured in a "Double-Sized Flip Magazine", which also featured Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #10.

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