Quote1 Knowing Spider-Man's identity is valuable. We have to pursue this, find out the truth. We can use this. Have some fun. Quote2
-- Emma Frost to Chat

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Synopsis for "A Sense of Responsibility"

Emma Frost uses her telepathic powers to read people's minds and tell what they are thinking to her friend Chat. She tells Chat that Peter Parker is Spider-Man as a gang of bullies storm the school and demand "payroll gold."

The previous day, Emma uses her telepathic powers to give Chat and herself free dresses and a meal. Suddenly, Peter Parker push them out of the way of a falling sign. Emma tells Chat that she learned that Peter is Spider-Man and decides to learn more about the guy at school.

The next morning, Emma and Chat pose convince the principal that they are Harvard students tell him to call Peter to meet them at his office. Emma learns about Peter's origins as Spider-Man. The story catches up to the introduction with the gang holding up the school. Peter disappears and takes down the bullies as Spider-Man. Chat voices her concern about invading the minds of other people. The following morning, Chat enrolls in Midtown High and Peter shows her around the school.

Solicit Synopsis

A NEW ERA BEGINS!!!!!! New creative team PAUL TOBIN and MATTEO LOLLI proudly present a new take on the most popular character in the Marvel Universe: A young mind-reader named Emma Frost may have figured out Peter Parker’s secret. Question is, what does she do with this deadly information? Twenty-two jam-packed pages of fun, all wrapped up in a gorgeous Skottie Young (Wonderful Wizard of Oz) cover! And the addition of Gwen Stacy.

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