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Synopsis for "Why I Was Late For Class"

Gwen and Peter meet Principal Taggert in his office to explain why they missed their afternoon classes. Peter says he followed Gwen off school grounds to see if he could help her. Gwen claims she had a family emergency involving the mafia, but the principal does not believe her.

Earlier that day as the morning bell rings, Peter notices Gwen checking her cell phone and crying. Peter tries to comfort her, but she runs away. As Peter waits for Chat in front of the school, he notices Gwen walking away from school with a sad and worried expression. Peter tries to catch up with her and follows her to the subway. Tombstone says he stole the cell phone of Gwen's dad so they could meet. He takes pictures of them standing together to send to her dad

Spider-Man confronts the man, who walks away without a fight. Gwen says the man works for the mob, which is trying to use her to stop her dad from arresting more of their mobsters. Gwen starts noticing they are attracting attention and Peter carries her to the roof. Gwen tells Spidey to talk with her dad about the mob situation.

Spidey meets Captain America while crawling along the buildings of New York. Cap says he has been observing Tombstone's actions. They find Captain Stacy trying to arrest Tombstone and his thugs. Spidey and Cap help Gwen's father by attacking them. Spidey takes out Tombstone's thugs while Cap wrestles with Tombstone. Spidey finishes taking down Tombstone by webbing his hands together. Captain Stacy asks Spidey if his daughter can borrow his math book. Spidey says Gwen probably does not need it because she is really smart. Spidey replies that Gwen probably does not need it because she is really smart, before realizing Captain Stacy is using this to confirm his secret identity as Peter Parker.

Back in the principal's office, Captain Stacy clears his daughter's absence, but says he has no idea know where Peter was during the afternoon.

Solicit Synopsis

When Captain George Stacy puts pressure on New York's criminal underworld, they put pressure on him in return, using his daughter Gwen as a pawn in a vicious struggle for control of the streets of New York City. What Captain Stacy doesn't know is that he has an ally in Gwen's classmate, Peter Parker... the Amazing Spider-Man! Or, DOES he know this? And is Spider-Man a match for the enforcer known as Tombstone? Find out in "Why I Was Late For Class," guest-starring Steve Rogers... Captain America!

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