Quote1.png Who said I need rescuing? I have a different life now! I can't be that other person any more! I can't take care of everyone! I tried. I really did. But I started to fall apart and I needed to get away, to establish my own life. Quote2.png
-- Chat to Cloak and Dagger

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Synopsis for "Vigilantes"

Captain Stacy and his police men investigate a scene where Cloak and Dagger took down the Torino gang so they could be arrested. On Chat's garden roof, Chat and Peter have lunch. Peter praises the good food and Chat mentions that her mother taught her how to make it. Suddenly, Chat realizes she has not talked about her mother for a couple of years now.

Peter gets a call from Captain Stacy asking for Spider-Man's help in finding Cloak and Dagger. Peter replies he can not force Spider-Man to do his bidding. Spidey goes around town, helping the police with some crime cases. Captain Stacy calls back and says he is calling off the assignment, but Spidey says he can just call if he needs help and to lay off with the "implied threats."

Chat calls Emma Frost, telling her about her date with Peter. Spidey notices Cloak and Dagger on the balcony below Chat's. They tell him that Chat used to work in a traveling zoo; that they suspect Spider-Man had taken her away with his supposed "mob contacts." Chat stops them, saying she can not go back to her old way of life. Cloak and Dagger apologize for the misunderstanding and leave. Chat asks Spidey if he wants some pie, but warns him to hide if her boyfriend shows up so he does not get jealous.

Solicit Synopsis

Captain George Stacy has discovered Peter Parker's secret, but he's willing to keep it to himself in return for a favor. The mysterious duo known as Cloak & Dagger have come to town, and since they're way beyond the average beat cop’s ability to take down, Spider-Man has a choice: simply place himself in mortal danger, fighting two foes with unknown powers, or take off the mask.

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