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Quote1 They were forever haunted by strange beings of their own, often accidental, creation. Some hero had to come along and banish the imps to their own lands. Which is exactly what Thor did. Quote2
-- The Invisible Woman

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Other Characters:

  • Various firefighters and rescue workers




Synopsis for 1st story

Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man are in Floyd, Iowa helping the town recover from some sort of attack. They discover the The Invisible Woman at the center of the attack, and when she comes to, she begins attacking them. After Captain America knocks her out, she comes to again, only this time she's back to normal. She said that she was in the town to meet with the city leaders because they requested the use of some of Reed Richard's technology. When an alien appeared, he seemed friendly at first, but then everyone began fighting each other. While reviewing video footage, they discover that Diablo was in the town as well, and they track him down to Yale University where he had taken a book. When the alien shows up and begins affecting the heroes emotions, Diablo saves them. Thor banishes the alien to a nether realm, while Diablo escapes.

Solicit Synopsis

A living legend. A divine warrior. An armored knight. A synthetic man. A cosmic woman. A spy. A rookie. Separately, they are some of the most powerful beings on the planet, but when a great tragedy brings these seven together, they will become far more than individuals, they will become something more. Join up-and-coming writer PAUL TOBIN and artist IG GUARA (LOCKJAW & THE PET AVENGERS) for this newest launch in the revamped Marvel Adventures line!

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