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  • Earth-20051
  • Earth-TRN433 (First appearance) (Giganto kills Susan Storm)
  • Earth-TRN434 (First appearance) (Skrulls kills Susan Storm)
  • Earth-TRN435 (First appearance) (Dr. Doom kills Susan Storm)
  • Earth-TRN436 (First appearance) (Molecule Man kills Susan Storm)
  • Earth-TRN437 (First appearance) (Human Torch and Psycho-Man kills Susan Storm)
  • Earth-TRN438 (First appearance) (Galactus kills Susan Storm)
  • Earth-TRN439 (First appearance) (Invisible Woman member of the Defenders)
  • Earth-TRN440 (First appearance) (Invisible Woman member of the X-Men)



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Reed Richards's secret plan is revealed at last, and a full scale Avengers assault on the Baxter Building is the result! But for which team will Susan Storm fight? And why are there TWO Black Widows?

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