Marvel Adventures was an imprint of comics meant for readers of all-ages that told original stories using established Marvel characters.[1] Unlike most mainstream Marvel comics, every issue of Marvel Adventures could stand on its own, i.e. a new reader could pick one up and get a complete story. Marvel Adventures is the successor of the Marvel Age line of comics, and both are meant for lower-level readers and take place in a different universe than the main Marvel continuity. However, while the previous line of Marvel Age titles re-told the original 1960s stories in an updated setting, Marvel Adventures took cues from the characters' histories and then took them in new directions.

Marvel Adventures Comic Book Series

Marvel Adventures was launched in 2005 with the release of the Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man series of comics. The Marvel Adventures imprint of comics contained eight individual series over its lifespan. Initially, each series followed specific well-known super heroes or groups, but in June of 2010 all current Marvel Adventures series were cancelled and replaced with just two series. These two new series (Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man (Vol. 2) which did more issues of Spider-Man and Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes which did one or two issues of a different super hero each month) replaced the red banner that had appeared on all previous Marvel Adventures imprint covers with a new "Marvel Adventures" label under the comic title and a icon.

Marvel Adventures Digest Books

Many of the original Marvel Adventure series got collected into manga-sized paperback digest editions. Each collected edition contained four comics within it.

  • All 4 One, 4 for All (2007): Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #17-20
  • The Black Costume (2007): Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #21-24
  • Concrete Jungle (2006): Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #13-16
  • Cosmic Threats (2006): Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #13-16
  • Doom with a View (2006): Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #9-12
  • Family of Heroes (2005): Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #1-4
  • Fantastic Voyages (2006): Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #5-8
  • Marvel Adventures Avengers: Heroes Assembled (2006): Marvel Adventures Avengers #1-4
  • Marvel Adventures Iron Man (2007): Marvel Adventures Iron Man #1-4
  • Monsters and Mysteries (2007): Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #21-24
  • Monsters on the Prowl (2007): Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #17-20
  • Power Struggle (2005): Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #5-8
  • The Sinister Six (2005): Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #1-4
  • World's Greatest (2006): Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #9-12

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