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Synopsis for "The Sinister Six: Part Two"

Spider-Man was fighting against Doctor Octopus and the Sinister Six, which consisted of Electro, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, and Vulture. As Kraven and Sandman attempted to attack Spider-Man, the web-slinger knocked down crates above them, causing them to fall down, and giving him to escape.

Meanwhile, J. Jonah Jameson and Aunt May were tied up together, which the former blamed Spider-Man for. The Sinister Six were arguing amongst each other about who's fault it was for failing to capture Spider-Man. Later, when Spider-Man was searching the building for Aunt May, illusions of Mysterio appeared before him. When Spider-Man found the real Mysterio, he tackled him, dispelling the illusions. Next, Spider-Man fought against Kraven and his trained panther. Meanwhile, with help from Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson pulled his cellphone out from his pocket. Unfortunately for them, Jameson had no reception on his phone. Spider-Man was locked in a battle with Electro before the former was trapped in quicksand by Sandman, much to the former's dismay, who shot electricity at his fellow villain, turning him into glass, as he wished to fight the web-slinger himself. Spider-Man continued his fight with Electro, luring him to a water pipe, which he punctured, unleashing a high water current on the villain, defeating him. Next, the Spider-Man fought against the Vulture and quickly defeated him by shooting a web at his eyes. Meanwhile, Doc Ock, who watched the fight, disappointed, went to check on Jameson and Aunt May, who he found trying to escape. Next, Doc Ock came to Spider-Man, holding Jameson and Aunt May in his grasp. Doc Ock put down Jameson and Aunt May and destroyed the floor under Spider-Man. As they were outside at a pier, Spider-Man fell into the water, where Doc Ock followed him to fight. Meanwhile, Jameson recieved reception on his phone and began to call the police. Spider-Man and Doc Ock fought underwater, with the web-slinger emerging as victorious and dragging the villain back to land.

Later on, the Sinister Six are arrested by the police. J. Jonah Jameson demanded an apology from Spider-Man for telling everyone that he was his ally. Aunt May pointed out that Jameson fired her nephew. Spider-Man responded that he would stop the rumor of them being allies if he gave "Aunt May's nephew" his job back, to which Jameson agreed to. At the Parker Residence, Peter entered to find Aunt May inside and greeted her.

Meanwhile, in a prison across town, as the Sinister Six argued amongst themselves, Doc Ock declared that he would come back for Spider-Man.

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