Quote1.png You know something neat? Dad told me that Spider-Man convinced Bonzer and his friends to turn themselves in. Most people think Spider-Man is a criminal, but dad doesn't. Me neither. I think he's kind of amazing. Quote2.png
-- Gwen Stacy to Peter Parker

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Synopsis for "Taken for a Ride"

Gwen Stacy introduces Peter Parker to her dad, Captain Stacy. Gwen calls Peter the "smartest guy around." Two police officers run by, saying that there is an armed robbery at the park. Spider-Man webs the two kid hostages to a cart and pushes them away. Spidey takes down the other thieves and gloats over them, saying "it's lonely being the smartest guy around." Spidey realizes his mistake of repeating the phrase in front of Captain Stacy and web-slings away.

The next morning at school, Chat asks Peter if he can help her with her volunteer work at an Animal Rescue Center. Chat says that, in exchange for his help, she will let her take her on a date at the Aladdin Theater. Peter agrees to help, even though he does not own a car like Chat assumes he has. Gwen recommends to get a car rental from Craig Bonzer. Chat calls Emma, telling her about her date with Peter.

As they finish helping an injured raccoon, a Chat notices a man staring at the car. The man calls someone on the phone and says that he has found that person's car and decides to steal it back. The man puts Chat in the back seat and Spider-Man chases the car. The man bails out of the car as it heads toward a group of people. Spidey stops the car from hurting anybody and stops the man. The next day at school, Peter talks with Gwen about the incident. She says Craig Bonzer and his friends started stealing cars to meet their demand. Gwen says Spider-Man convinced Bonzer and his friends to turn themselves in.

Solicit Synopsis

TAKEN FOR A RIDE: Peter Parker makes a "date" with the new girl at school, then realizes a major missing component: A car. Luckily, he's a got a friend of a friend that loans rides for cheap. But when Pete discovers the cars are cheap because they've been stolen, it's a little late...some of the cars belonged to some bad guys...guys that don't mind hurting teenagers... Join Tobin, Lolli, and Young as Pete’s brand-new Adventures continue!

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