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How much for this hot dog?
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No Image Male.jpgHot Dog Vendor
Four ninety-nine
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Dormammu (Earth-20051) Marvel Adventures Hulk Vol 1 5.jpg
I have five wretched dollars. Keep the change.
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Appearing in "Contractual Discombobulations"

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  • Red convertibles

Synopsis for "Contractual Discombobulations"

Ages ago, Dormammu and the Ancient One fought a battle that lasted nearly a month long. When it was done, the Ancient One wrote up a rediculous contract specifying what Dormammu could and couldn't do (mainly to mock him). After ten years, Dormammu finally found the clause that would allow him to appear on Earth with all of his powers intact, and he does so. Doctor Strange and Wong are attacked by him, and now employ Foggy Nelson to help him find a loophole to send Dormammu back to his own dimension.


Some the more interesting (and funny) contractual clauses include:

  • The Mindless Ones are allowed entry to Earth if summoned by someone standing next to a red convertible.
  • Dormammu is forbidden to affect objects within ten feet of a mailbox.
  • Dormammu may appear on Earth with all his powers, if he takes the form of a rodent.
  • He cannot use magic on housecats.
  • He may not teleport into a ballerina's house.
  • He is forbidden to dry-clean his own clothes.
  • He must eat hot dogs on Wednesdays, and must pay for them.
  • No wearing green shoes with black shoelaces.
  • No casting of spells while dressed as a schoolgirl.
  • He can't name a pet dog after a musician.
  • Dormammu has to pay exact change.
  • He can't draw mustaches on posters.
  • He can't encase a grasshopper in peanut butter.

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