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Quote1.png These poor men have been absent from the world for tens of thousands of years. This isn't their world anymore. Maybe they'll adjust. Hopfully... like these passenger pigeons, they'll find their own voice. I was able to adjust! I was able to let the past be the past! And I found my own voice here in this world. Quote2.png
Captain America

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Synopsis for "Back in Time"

Captain America runs through a forest in Washington State, pursued by an army of pre-historic-looking men wielding guns. Meanwhile, a mile away from Cap, Chat calls her boyfriend, Spider-Man, telling him about her picnic. Suddenly, she finds a flock of passenger pigeons, that are supposed to be extinct.

Cap accidentally runs into Chat, and the animals, thinking he is attacking her, defend Chat. Chat tells Cap that she is a mutant who can talk to animals, and she joins her in running away from the army. Cap says the whole incident started when he tracked a stolen shipment of plutonium to a research laboratory in the forest. He found the researchers were bringing back extinct species, such as the dodo.

Cap and Chat meet more previously extinct species in the woods, and Chat says they cannot speak because their language died with them. Cap continues his story, saying the researchers only needed trace amounts of plutonium to stimulate growth. Cap investigated a deeper section of the research lab and found Jerrick Brogg was creating an army of Neanderthal men, which are now pursuing Cap and Chat.

Chat sends her animals after the army, confusing them, as they were trained for fighting humans. Cap and Chat learn that Brogg and his team are moving their equipment, documents, and research to a new location. Cap and Chat hurry to Brogg's helicopter, where they are still moving equipment. Chat sends in her animal friends to draw off some of the guards and Cap takes down Brogg. Without their leader, the Neanderthals drop their weapons. Cap suggests that they could fit into the Savage Land.

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