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Quote1.png I have already spoken my name. There will be no need for me to repeat it. Let others speak it. Let my name ring from the mouths of my friends! Let it be cursed by my enemies! Let my name bring cheer to those I cherish! And fear to those who seek to do them harm! Quote2.png

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Beth (One of the women listening to Thor's story)


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Synopsis for 1st story

Thor is telling several beautiful young ladies of his days when he fought pirates, along with Skurge the Executioner. But a jealous Nova doesn't believe him, so Thor proves it.

Solicit Synopsis

The Executioner is easily one of the deadliest foes Thor has ever faced, and in their loooong history of battlefield clashes, perhaps the strangest one of all time was on... a pirate ship? It's an untold tale of the past, where the God of Thunder stands alone against the most ruthless pirate on Earth, and the most merciless of all Asgard's warriors!

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