Quote1 Thou hast great courage and thou even greater intelligence in seeing through Kryllk's devious scheme! That he would escape his prison and acquire yon crystal were happenstances caused by the actions of a looting mortal's rock. Quote2
-- Odin Borson to Thor

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Synopsis for "Out Of Time!"

The Looter "borrows" the electromagnetic refractualizers at the Institute for SeismoHarmonic Studies to find his meteor's geologic twin. While Spider-Man analyzes the situation, the cops charge in on the scene. Looter sets off an explosive which knocks Spider-Man out of the building through a skylight window. Thor catches Spider-Man.

Thor uses his hammer to protect Spider-Man from the coming cataclysm, which turns out to stop time. Thor says he has seen this happen before, when his father used the Frostgaard Crystal to stop a horde of trolls. Thor realizes the leader of that horde must now have the Crystal. Thor and Spider-Man fight off the troll horde in New York, until realizing the exact same horde is also in Asgard at the same time. Thor and Spider-Man both attack the leader, who stole the Crystal, at the same time, causing the army to fade away. Odin summons Thor and Spider-Man, and tells them that disturbances caused by the Looter's rock helped the troll horde escape. Odin sends Spider-Man and Thor back to New York a moment before time froze.

Solicit Synopsis

Featuring SPIDER-MAN and THOR! When a horde of trolls freezes time to launch surprise attacks on both Earth and Asgard, Spider-Man and the mighty Thor find themselves the only ones left to stand against the armies of Krillk the Conqueror! It’s a battle of epic proportions as Spidey and the thunder god try to figure out how to defeat the trolls--and restore the flow of time itself!

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