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  • McGregor and Lewis (policemen)
  • Glen
  • Flash's friends




  • Newscopter

Synopsis for "The Menace of Mysterio"

"Spider-Man" robs a fast-food restaurant, and easily evades the police, who happen to be parked nearby. At the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson takes the opportunity to run a front page on Spider-Man's robberies and write harsh editorials on the wall-crawler. Jameson overhears Betty Brant defend Spider-Man outside his office, and tells her that she is in the minority.

While discussing Spider-Man with his friends at Midtown High School, Flash Thompson defends the hero, saying Spider-Man would never go on such a crime spree and that the television show probably made it up to boost their ratings. Liz Allan asks Peter Parker what he thinks on the matter, but Peter is thrown off on the matter, as he is pretty certain that he really did not do it.

After a long and agonizing day for Peter, Aunt May becomes worried about his health, but Peter replies that he is just tired. He has trouble sleeping that night, and wakes to a radio report of Spider-Man's crimes. Peter starts wondering if he somehow committed the crimes while asleep. Later that morning Peter goes to ask Jameson for a loan, but Jameson cuts him off, asking for more pictures of Spider-Man stealing something. Peter changes into his Spider-Man costume and swings to a nearby building before realizing he can not take the photos that Jameson wants.

After meeting with Liz while walking to school, Peter compliments her for her new hair style. They walk by Flash, who tries complimenting Liz's hair to little success. At Jameson's office, a man calling himself Mysterio appears and promises an exclusive interview if the Bugle arranges a meeting between himself and Spider-Man at the Brooklyn Bridge.

The next afternoon, Peter reads about Mysterio's challenge from the Bugle and decides to go since the mysterious man promises answers. However, when Spider-Man arrives at the Brooklyn Bridge that night, he finds that Mysterio is actually more interested in the fame he will garner if he defeats Spider-Man than providing "answers". Using his mist for cover, Mysterio evades Spider-Man's attacks and manages to strike the wall-crawler down. As Mysterio prepares to land the final blow, Spider-Man decides to bail, jumping into the waters below.

After breakfast with Aunt May the next morning, Peter goes to the Bugle to find that Mysterio has promised to reveal Spider-Man's true identity the next time they meet, and Jameson gives him the assignment to photograph the unmasked Spidey. Later that night, Spider-Man sets up a camera on a rooftop and goads Mysterio into attacking him. After Mysterio apparently knocks down Spider-Man again and boasts, Spidey asks what all of this has to do with his robbery spree.

Mysterio laughs at this, explaining that he is actually a special-effects maker who worked in Hollywood, and used his knowledge of the trade to duplicate Spider-Man's stunts. Mysterio picks up Spider-Man and throws him off the side of the building. Spider-Man swings back, surprising Mysterio with a deciding kick. Spider-Man unmasks Mysterio and poses him for the camera. At school the next morning, Flash shows his friends the front page of the Daily Bugle revealing Mysterio as a dangerous con man as proof that Spider-Man is a hero. However, one of Flash's friends thinks Spidey and Mysterio were in it together, and Liz asks Peter for his thoughts. Flash interrupts Peter, telling Liz, "I don't care how smart he is...he doesn't know a thing about Spider-Man."

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