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Synopsis for "Face-to-Face with the Lizard!"

When a few men are out in the everglades of Florida hunting, they come across The Lizard. The story gains national news and back in New York Jonah begins to sell papers stating that Spider-Man didn't care. Peter sees this and decides to go see the lizard for himself. He goes to Jonah's office as Spider-Man and tells him that he is going to go take on the lizard and he wants one of Jonah's photographers to tag along. A few minutes later Peter walks into the office as himself and Jonah gives him the job. He goes down to Florida and starts looking around the area The Lizard had been sighted. The Lizard jumps out of the water and overpowers Spidey and he swings off. He finds a house and enters to find a woman. The woman asks why Spider-Man is there and he tells her to take down The Lizard. She tells him no because The Lizard is really her husband, Curt Connors. Curt Connors had lost his arm in war and after he got back home he dedicated his life to studying regeneration. He started to experiment with reptiles that could grow their tails back. He used it on a rabbit and it's leg grew back. Then he tried it on himself and it caused him to transform. She shows Spidey to Curt's lab and he begins working on an antidote. The Lizard bursts into the lab and Spidey leads him out of the house. He chases the LIzard and ends up snaring him in webbing, forcing the antidote into his mouth. He changes Curt back and goes and finds Jonah, telling him that The Lizard was just a hoax.

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