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Synopsis for "The Return of the Vulture"

Vulture escapes from prison and has his eyes set on Spidey. During the fight Spidey uses the magnetic inverter like he did the first time he fought The Vulture. He thinks it worked until Vulture punches him towards the ground. Spidey has no time to recover in air and falls to the street, breaking his arm. The next day Peter comes into the Daily Bugle, only for The Vulture to fly in to Jameson's office window. Peter changes into Spidey, webbing up his broken arm for the fight. He reaches Vulture and almost gets beaten, but then he webs up Vulture's eyes and wings and steers him towards a rooftop top pigeon coop. He locks Vulture inside and notifies the police. He swings back to the Bugle and quickly changes back into his normal clothes. He runs into the office acting like he had no idea what had happened. He sees Betty under a desk and joins her beneath it, flirting with her.

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