Marvel Anime Season 1 3

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)



Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Professor Ohno
  • Professor Satoshi Yamaguchi

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Strange tornadoes are appearing in Tokyo, targeting and killing Professor Ohno. Dr. Chika Tanaka gives Tony Stark a tour of the Arc Station when she gets a call from Professor Satoshi Yamaguchi that Professor Ohno is dead and loses contact with him. Meanwhile, Editor Nomura is shown an article by Nanami about Satoshi Yamaguchi being killed by a tornado. When another tornado attacks a military base, Iron Man enters it and finds the cause, another Zodiac warrior named Aries who easily defeats him. Meanwhile, Nanami attends a meeting with Dr. Chika Tanaka and Professor Michelinie. Professor Michelinie talks about the Tesla Project, an anti-natural disaster machine worked on by them and the other professors. Just then, Chika, Nanami and Professor Michelinie are attacked by the tornado which results in the death of Professor Michelinie. Tony Stark tries to help some survivors, but is met with harsh criticism from the rescue team leader Nakai who tells Tony to leave. Tony tells the rescue team leader that he has the resources to help them only to be told by Nakai to get lost. Dr. Chika Tanaka and Nanami appear outside of the house. Tony tries to help the rescue workers and ends up coming to the aid of the rescue workers when a bus starts to go under. Tony dives into the water to save the surviving bus passengers. As Chika and Nanami research the Tesla Project, they soon learn that Professor Michelinie (who turns up alive) is the man responsible for selling the Tesla research to the Zodiac and holds them at laser point. Thanks to Nanami, Chika and Nanami manage to escape. Meanwhile, Tony Stark emerges upon saving the bus passengers. While checking on the status of the Iron Man armor, Tony is shown an updated version of the EMP cannon by Chika when Chika is told that 2 F-5 tornadoes Yokasuka Base where Professor Michelinie is witnessing this as he is sucked into the tornado. With his armor repaired, Iron Man re-enters the tornado and defeats Aries with an EMP cannon. As Iron Man starts to fall, he is told by Chika to reboot the Iron Man armor. The Iron Man armor reboots as Aries crashes to the ground.

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