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Tony recalls five years ago when he testing the Screamer jet. While in the Middle East, Tony's helicopter is shot down with Tony receiving life threatening injuries. Agreeing to make weapons for the terrorists led by Righella, he was saved by fellow prisoner Ho Yinsen who installed a magnetic chest plate to keep him alive and helped him realize the deaths his weapons manufacturing has caused. This led to the creation of the mini arc-reactor. When Yinsen asks if he ever though of the people he has hurt from the weapons he has made. After making an updated mini arc reactor, Ho Yinsen flips a coin to decide if he should help Tony. This leads to Yinsen helping Tony into building a device that would get Tony Stark and Yinsen managed to create the first Iron Man armor. When a terrorist soldier comes in, Tony finishes the armor's power-up as Yinsen sacrifices himself to give Tony a chance to escape. Tony emerges in the armor knocking out Righella as Yinsen tells Tony that this is as far as he goes and to finish what he has started. Meanwhile in the present, Tony remembers his five-year anniversary. A race driver named Kawashima had broken his legs and desires to race again after his meeting with Nanami after being told that he will never race again. At a banquet, Dr. Chika Tanaka learns on why Tony Stark has changed his company from a weapon company to an industrial company. Meanwhile, Kawashima is approached by a mysterious person from Zodiac and states that he can receive cybernetic enhancements from Zodiac on the condition that he kills Tony. While at the race tracks, Tony is visited by Nanami Ota who states that she is here when Kawashima has returned to the race tracks. When Tony is targeted, he is saved by the sudden appearance of Logan (who is in Japan investigating A.I.M.). Kawashima emerges as a cyborg and flees. Wolverine tells Tony that the Zodiac is turning humans into cyborgs. The next day, Tony is followed by Nanami as Tony changes into his Iron Man armor. Nanami wants to help Iron Man find Kawashima who ends up showing up. Kawashima summons the Zodiac warrior Taurus which he pilots into attacking Iron Man. Taurus soon starts to take over Kawashima. With the help of Logan, Iron Man defeats Taurus and rescues Kawashima as Nanami rushes Kawashima to Lab 23 as Iron Man's computer detects Iron Man Dio approaching. Iron Man soon comes face to face with Iron Man Dio. As Iron Man is shot down, he recovers and states that he wants the Iron Man Dio armor. Iron Man is shocked to find what appears to be Yinsen inside who ends up leaving saying a word.

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