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Quote1.png By the time I'm through, there won't be enough of you to heal back together. Quote2.png
Kikyo Mikage


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Logan and Kikyo engage in a lengthy fight, that takes them from the streets to a rooftop. Logan’s healing factor lets him shrug off even all of Kikyo’s attacks. The police meanwhile is still chasing Logan for the murder of Tesshin Asano. Logan suspects Kikyo is the killer since Tesshin’s injuries match those of Kikyo’s blade. The fight ends in a draw when they both fall off the roof and end up in different buildings.

At the Harada house, Hideki is enraged by the news that Logan escaped. He tells Mariko that he expects a shipment of synthetic drugs that night, which he will give to Shingen as a dowry for the wedding. Elsewhere in Tokyo, Yukio also learns about the shipment and informs Logan.  Logan plans to attack the shipment in his next move against Shingen. The Public Intelligence Security Agency is still spying on the Harada house, hoping to avenge Tesshin by bringing down the Kuzuryu. They follow Hideki as he goes to the harbor to collect his goods.

Thus, all three parties run into each other in the harbor. Logan and Yukio use Molotov cocktails to set fire to the ship. As Hideki’s men try to save the goods, the police moves in to arrest them. Logan joins the fight and confronts Hideki. Before he can kill him however, Logan comes under attack from his old enemy Omega Red, who turned out to be on board the ship.


  • Original airdate: January 22, 2011
  • English aridate: August 12, 2011

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