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Quote1 Remember me, Logan? Quote2
-- Omega Red

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Synopsis for "Omega Red"

As Omega Red has Logan secured in his carbonadium tentacles, Yukio can do nothing but continue to lob molotov cocktails down while Asano’s team takes down the Yakuza and attempts to secure some of the cargo as evidence. Meanwhile, Logan manages to kick open a door on the ship to cause a backdraft which allows him to get free of Omega Red. He recalls sometime earlier in his life when he was briefed on the Soviet’s Super Soldier project and the product of their research, Arkady Rossovich, aka: Omega Red. Wolverine was given the mission to enter the Soviet Union and steal a device called the carbonadium synthesizer since Omega Red needed it to properly function. Wolverine does steal the device but has to fight Omega Red. He manages to defeat him but loses the device to the Arctic Ocean.

Back in the present, Shigen receives word of the fight at the docks and is not happy. Meanwhile, Logan’s fight with Omega Red enters one of the cargo holds where Yukio causes just enough of a distraction for Logan to use a chemical canister which explodes when Omega Red stabs it with his tentacle. This causes a series of explosions and allows Logan and Yukio to escape, though they are tailed by one of Hideki’s men. Returning to Yukio’s apartment, she attempts to treat Logan, who isn’t healing very well thanks to Omega Red’s power-draining ability. Hideki’s man lobs a bomb at the apartment but not before Logan manages to sniff him out and save Yukio. Logan easily takes care of the thug but Omega Red appears and is going to make sure that Wolverine dies this time for sure.


  • Original airdate: January 28, 2011
  • English aridate: August 19, 2011


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