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Quote1 My memory is fractured... but I do know: I am a mutant. Quote2
-- Kikyo Mikage

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Synopsis for "Asano"

Things seem almost over for Logan until he kicks a piece of shattered glass at Omega Red, hitting him in the face and distracting him enough for Logan to attack. Their fight goes down to the streets below when a device on Omega Red’s suit goes off. Yukio throws her chakram at Omega Red, which he deflects, causing it to wedge in the wall. She then yells to Logan to hurry it up, so he takes advantage of the weakening Omega Red first embed her chakram into Omega Red’s arm before slamming it into the wall repeatedly so that the arm is severed. Logan then destroys the device on Omega Red, leaving him almost dead. Before Logan and Yukio can leave, Hideki’s thug grabs Logan’s leg and says that it is too late before dying. Realizing that Mariko is in trouble, Yukio and Logan race to the Yashida estate.

Meanwhile, Asano’s cops race to the Yashida estate to take down the Kuzuryu and learn the truth that Logan did not kill Asano and . Logan and Yukio arrive first where they take out the yakuza there but find Shigen and Hideki have fled with Mariko. Logan senses Kikyo and confronts him, demanding to know if he killed the cop Asano. Kikyo doesn’t deny killing Asano but apparently didn’t know he was a cop. The two battle while Asano’s group arrives and begins rounding up yakuza. Logan flees the estate with Kikyo in pursuit until they reach the helicopter pad on an office building. Their fight continues until Omega Red returns, having been retrieved by unknown forces and given new makeshift carbonadium synthesizers.

Omega Red demands that Kikyo step aside so that he can kill Logan. Kikyo initially refuses but then backs down to allow Omega Red to fight Logan. It isn’t a long fight as Logan manages to pin one of Omega Red’s tentacles down and destroy his synthesizers before apparently killing him despite Logan taking a massive chest wound. Logan faces Kikyo who refuses to fight Logan, citing his code of honor which won’t allow him to fight those who’ve been weakened by others. He leaves the field of battle as a modified Blackbird aircraft uncloaks. Logan is pleased to see it as the pilot is none other than his teammate, Cyclops, better known as Scott Summers.


  • Original airdate: February 4, 2011
  • English aridate: August 26, 2011


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