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Quote1.png Oh, you won't need any help finding this monster. It will find you. Quote2.png


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Hisako Ichiki's father (Mr. Ichiki)
  • Hisako Ichiki's mother (Ms. Ichiki)
  • Hisako Ichiki's friend (Kyoko)


Other Characters:



  • Cyclops' Visor
  • Adamantium
  • Cerebro (Mentioned)
  • Anti Damon-Hall Syndrome Serum / Anti Viral Drug
  • Analyzer Visor
  • Anti-X-Men Armor
  • Interference Proof Mutant Scanner



The X-men return to Japan, vaccinating all the mutants in the area; they also vaccinate themselves as a precaution. It turns out they made it just in time, as the mutants they treat were showing signs of entering Damon-Hall Syndrome. They also find unnatural disasters have occurred in their absence; Wolverine and Storm find a lake filled with sulfur, while Cyclops, Emma and Hisako find a metal bridge twisted up like pretzel. Beast learns from a mutant that there is a research institute in the center of the Cerebro dead zone.

The X-men fly into the zone, and Emma experiences a terrible headache; she claims to hear a terrible shrieking. The plane crashes, and is swallowed by living snow. Everyone hears the shrieking now, but it stops after the Blackbird is sunk. Sublime attacks them in a exo-suit; he send a kite-like machine to absorb Storm's energy and sends super-heated magnets to kill Wolverine. Hisako and Emma keep Sublime busy while Beast scans the suit and finds it's main power source. Once blown up, the magnets shut of and spare Wolverine. Emma turns into diamond and drop-kicks a hole into the suit; Cyclops then blasts it into useless charred metal. Seeing Sublime has a mutant detector, Beast wonders how it can work. Sublime tells that them a monster is near and they should perish with him; he detonates the device, killing himself.

The X-men trek through a snowstorm to a nearby cabin, which is home to Dr. Sasaki. Hisako remembers Professor X asked about the school, but she had no memory of it until now. Emma sees this as suspicious.


  • Original airdate: May 13, 2011
  • English airdate: November 25, 2011


  • Emma notes that Magneto is in jail at the time.
  • Final appearance of Hisako's family and Kyoko.
  • Despite being in New York for some time, Hisasko never got to see a musical.

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