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Dr. Sasaki comes under attack by a monstrous bug. The X-Men come to her rescue, badly wounding it. Once defeated, it expels some smoke and it's remains reveal that Rika had entered a second mutation. Koga runs off in fear. Treating Rika, Beast finds track marks on her arm; Sasaki said its due to Rika being diabetic. Wolverine and Cyclops track down Koga, who they know is a mutant; he injected himself with the mystery serum. However, Koga soon mutates as well; he is knocked out by the X-Men. Dr. Sasaki is forced to reveal she created a serum to block mutation. Unfortunately, in its current state, if the user's body adapts to the serum, the mutation will snap back with ferocity; Rika and Koga each sought out Dr. Sasaki for help returning them to normal.

At the same time, Emma tracks Jun to a sub basement and reveals that she knows he's really Mastermind in disguise. His ruse found out, Mastrermind reveals he tracked a great power to this facility. He even went so far as to trick the U-Men into giving him the information he needed.


  • Original airdate: May 27, 2011
  • English airdate: December 9, 2011


  • Wolverine mentions the Brood only in the english version.

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