"Partner" (The Last Sunset)

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"Partner" (The Last Sunset)
Fuminori Hara

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  • Razor




Synopsis for "Partner" (The Last Sunset)

As Deacon Frost appears behind Mokoto, he ends up biting her to suck her blood. This causes Blade to lose control as his blood samples fill up the vials. Deacon Frost thanks Blade for his help as Mokoto gets up and attacks Deacon Frost which doesn't have any effect on her. Razor arrives with Noah van Helsing as he kills some vampires and finds Mokoto having been bitten stating that he didn't make it in time. Deacon Frost escapes with the blood samples as he sets off more explosives in "The Factory" enough to ash some vampire guards. When Blade recovers and sees that Mokoto has been bitten, Blade and Noah escape with Mokoto's body. Deacon rushes to his helicopter in pain and makes it before he ashes. Deacon Frost leaves in his helicopter stating that he has got what he needed. Outside the ruins of "The Factory," Blade tries to wake up Mokoto as she is glad that he got away. Mokoto tells Razor that he must return to his master as her vampire-hunting days are over. Mokoto tells Noah to feed Razor better and gives Blade his mother's knife back. Mokoto admits that he wasn't a good partner to Blade and that he'd be better off without her. Mokoto has Blade promise her to take Deacon Frost down and asks Blade to put her out of her misery before she ends up like her father. Blade ends up doing it. Deacon Frost flees to his home-base in the vampire city of Armarot which is hidden deep within the Golden Triangle and begins the creation of his ultimate vampire species by infusing Blade's blood on some vampires causing them to start to mutate. Deacon Frost states that his hybrid vampire army will destroy the High Vampire Council. The next morning, Blade, Noah, and Razor leave flowers at Mokoto's grave as Noah tells Blade that there are thousands of vampires at Armarot and plans to use the water made by Agus. Noah decides that it's payback time as Blade gears up and heads to Armarot. Meanwhile, Deacon Frost's ultimate vampire hybrids are complete as the Vampire High Council launches an attack on Armarot and fight Deacon Frost's vampire army with casualties on both sides. The soldiers of the High Council charges towards Deacon Frost's castle as Deacon Frost states that they are right where he left them. Deacon Frost's vampire army surrounds Deacon Frost's castle. Upon the High Council seeing the numbers of Deacon Frost's army, the High Council Chairman states that Deacon Frost has won. Amongst the battle, Blade arrives and starts killing the vampires on both sides in order to do it for Mokoto.


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