"Mad World" (A Night for the Living, A Mourning for the Dead)

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"Mad World" (A Night for the Living, A Mourning for the Dead)
Fuminori Hara

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Synopsis for "Mad World" (A Night for the Living, A Mourning for the Dead)

South Asian Woman immigrants have been going missing in Japan. Detective Sakomizu and his partner Ikeda take part in the investigation and end up canvasing the neighborhood yet nobody knows anything. A break-in at the Sakanishi Industries is reported and Detective Sakomizu and Ikeda head there. At the Sakanishi Industries, it is shown that Blade had broken in and interrogates a member of the Existence just as Detective Sakomizu arrives. Blade ends up escorting Detective Sakomizu out by sword-point and makes him take him in. At the police station, Blade breaks into the Police Chief's office and identifies the Police Lieutenant and the Police Chief as members of the Existence. The Police Chief states that they are everywhere to make sure the chosen ones get first. Detective Sakomizu learns from the Police Chief that the missing women were part of a bargain they made with the Existence. Blade and Detective Sakomizu then head to the subway with Makoto not far behind them. While in the subway, Blade and Detective Sakomizu encounter the vampire Tanaka who is running a blood farm. When Blade asks about Deacon Frost, Tanaka states that he has left the country and unleashes some vampire cats on them. Blade tells Detective Sakomizu to hit the deck while he slays the vampire cats. Blade chases after Tanaka while Detective Sakomizu frees the missing women. He manages to free a woman when more vampire cats arrive. Blade chases Tanaka to the sewer waters as Tanaka reveals that he is a type of vampire called a Water Tiger. He assumes a tiger-like appearance and drags Blade under the sewer water. When the vampires cats close in on Detective Sakomizu, Makoto arrives and kills the vampire cats. Upon making his way out of the water, Blade uses his Residual Move on Tanaka. Before Tanaka reduces to ashes underwater, he activates an explosive in an attempt to take everyone down with him. When Makoto arrives to deal with Blade, an explosion goes off as Detective Sakomizu gets the missing women to safety. Blade and Makoto managed to get out before they end up consumed by the explosion. The next day, Detective Sakomizu sees off the ambulance carrying the women off just as Ikeda shows up. Detective Sakomizu discovers that Ikeda is one of the Existence and knocks him out while he heads off to meet with his daughter whose birthday he missed. Meanwhile, Blade encounters a man who states that Frost is in the Philippines.


Title Original: "Mad World" (A Night for the Living, A Mourning for the Dead) "Kurutta Sekai" (狂った世界)


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