"Vampire Hunter" (Dead on Arrival)

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"Vampire Hunter" (Dead on Arrival)
Fuminori Hara

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  • Captain MacRae Ship
  • Van Helsing's Jeep

Synopsis for "Vampire Hunter" (Dead on Arrival)

Blade slays a vampire as the man turns out to be his teacher Noah van Helsing and his dog Razor. Blade and Noah board a ship run by Captain MacRae as Makoto is shown to have stowed away. When Makoto tries to attack Blade, Noah manages to knock down Makoto as Razor licks Makoto. Noah passes Makoto off as a boy. While on the ride to the Philippines, Noah gives Blade a medicine that would help with his condition. Later that night, Makoto tries to slay Blade in his sleep only for Blade to awaken and Noah to remove Makoto from the room. Noah explains to Makoto that Blade is a Daywalker vampire and recaps his history with Blade. In England, a younger Blade came to the rescue of a young girl from Baron Howard and his fellow vampires. Noah arrived and killed Baron Howard and his followers. Noah found Blade and spared him. The next day, Noah discovered that Blade wasn't harmed by sunlight. Noah mentioned to Blade that he is a vampire hunter as Blade revealed that he has been having blood cravings. Blade mentioned that he has been looking for a vampire with four fangs. Noah revealed a prototype of the Retro Virus made from the ashes of dead vampires and silver which causes anyone in his experiments to turn to ashes. Noah decided to test the Retro Virus on Blade since his human DNA had found a way to co-exist with his vampire DNA. Noah stated that if it worked on Blade, he will have to decide what he would do with his second chance at life. The next day, it is shown that Blade had survived the Retro Virus with no blood cravings. Blade then asked for Noah van Helsing to train him how to fight vampires. In the present, Noah tells Makoto that Blade travels with him. Makoto mentions that Blade killed her father, but Noah suggests that Makoto is only trying to run away from the darkness within herself. Noah states that he has since held onto a knife that Blade has had since the days he hasn't mentioned. Noah then offers Makoto some hot cocoa, and she tells Noah to call her that name. Just then, the passengers of the ship come under attack from a flock of the vampiric Mandurugo that fly towards the ship as the passengers take arms against them. When one Mandurugo flies towards Makoto, she is saved by Blade, but the Mandurugo leader Matthes grabs Blade and makes off with him. When Noah states to Makoto that Blade needs help, Makoto goes to Blade's aid and attacks Matthes. Noah throws Blade an injector containing the Retro Virus into Matthes, and the Mandurugos carry Matthes' body away. Noah thanks Makoto for saving him as a Mandurugo makes off with Noah at the last minute. Knowing where the Mandurugos are heading, Blade tells Captain MacRae to continue on the course to the Philippines.


Title Original:"Vampire Hunter" (Dead on Arrival) "Vanpaia Hantā" (ヴァンパイア・ハンター)


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