"Eternal Apocalypse" (Old Wounds, Fresh Blood)

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"Eternal Apocalypse" (Old Wounds, Fresh Blood)
Fuminori Hara

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Synopsis for "Eternal Apocalypse" (Old Wounds, Fresh Blood)

The Vampire Pureblood Elite in the High Council meet to discuss the news of Lucius Issac's as they cannot believe Blade has slain one of their own kind. The High Council state that they must also not allow Deacon Frost and the Existence to become a genuine threat and allowing the 2 parties to eliminate each other would be convenient. They also state that Frost must be dealt with before he is able to act. In a flashback, it is shown that a man named Sgt. Major Stan Davis of the Marine Corp was fighting in the Vietnam War. He wakes up from a recurring nightmare from his tent in the woods. Meanwhile, Blade and Motoko who was injured by some Vampire Ninjas split up to allow her to heal. Blade tells Mokoto to head back while he draws the ninja away. Mokoto and Razor then head back to camp as Blade tells Mokoto not to lose his knife. After Mokoto leaves, Blade heads off the Vampire Ninjas where he slays most of them. Just then, he encounters the mutant samurai assassin Kikyo Mikage where they end up in a duel. Sometime later, Stan Davis is shown to have Blade in bondage as Blade claims that Stan is with Existence. Stan states that he is not with Existence and states that he was transferred to a special ops where he selected for a special assignment. The V Project was run by A.I.M. where they were given blood transfusion from an unknown donor and a special microchip was used to keep them from remembering the attacks they did. When his base was hit, Stan Davis and those involved had burned out their chips and the soldiers were listed in killed in action. Stan states that his fellow squad killed themselves by walking into the sun. Stan has been surviving by robbing blood banks to stop the cravings. Blade states that he is a vampire and is what he is for the choice he made. Stan then frees Blade and gives him his sword in order to put him out of his misery where once he's gone, the V Project would be a memory. Before Blade can do the job, Stan's shelted is attacked by Vampire Ninjas. Blade manages to kill the Vampire Ninjas as Kikyo Mikage arrives to tell the remaining Vampire Ninjas to stand back. Kikyo states that Existence met his price and that he has brought a message to Stan in order to recruit him to Existence. Stan doesn't take the offer as Kikyo Mikage ends up dueling with Blade while Stan fights the remaining Vampire Ninjas. As Stan gives in to his vampire side during the fight, Blade recalls the Kikyo Mikage has a healing factor like Wolverine as Kikyo Mikage asks if Wolverine is still alive. Blade and Kikyo Mikage continue fighting as Stan disappears into the jungle. Kikyo leaves to help the Vampire Ninjas to pursue Stan. Upon luring some Vampire Ninjas in an explosive trap, Stan runs into Kikyo Mikage who manages disarm him. Before Kikyo Mikage could kill him, Blade catches up and attacks Kikyo Mikage. After landing a hit on Kikyo Mikage despite him having a healing factor, Stan is stabbed by Kikyo. Before he ashes, Stan asks Blade to "find a safe place for us" as he starts to see his wife and daughter Alice. Blade states that Kikyo has grown cold-blooded as "the monster he has served." Kikyo stated that he felt little in killing Stan as killing Blade will be much different for him as he and Blade prepare to fight each other.


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