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-- Speedball

Appearing in "See No Evil!"

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Synopsis for "See No Evil!"

The story starts with a recap given by the Watcher where he is explaining the events that happened, where Marty Blank, "The Gibbon", witnessed what Justice means on this Earth. As Captain America ordered that Doc Ook must be beaten to death for his crimes. Cap dismisses everyone else from the room and the Invaders (Namor, Toro, Red Raven, and Bucky) arrive to help Cap put Doc Ook out of his misery.

Marty's still shocked from what he's seen, and is trying to keep his cool around all the Ape-vengers. Fiona arrives to tell him that Reed thinks he can build a gateway to return them to their home dimension. Cap arrives, and is very interested in the fact that Marty and Fiona are from another reality and asks to be kept in the loop. Something that Marty is afraid to do after seeing Cap's sense of justice.

Reed's estimate to build the gateway is two days, and Fiona returns to the Baxter Building to continue to lend a hand. Meanwhile Marty's nervously trying to be vague about the world back home, especially when Speedball asks about his human counterpart on Earth-616. Wolverine's arrival saves Marty from explaining further, as the Ape-vengers attempt to capture him for Cap. Since the X-Simians are considered outcasts from ape society. Marty helps, but purposefully lets Wolverine go to save him from Cap.

Two nights later, Marty goes to the Baxter Building. The Fantastic Four are gone, but the gateway is ready. Fiona wants to remain a bit longer to try to return Sue to her former ape appearance, but Marty's in a hurry to go. Unfortunately it takes two to run the systems, and Marty doesn't work to focus the beam due to his similarity to the Ape Universe's inhabitants. He gets fried and that's when Cap.

Cap reveals his intentions, to go to the Human world. Marty refuses to help him and Cap throws his mighty shield, slamming him into the wall. Reed Richards arrives, smashing through the window and trying to stop Cap's madness. Reed reaches for a wooden stake on display and attempts to drive it into Cap's chest, but he's overpowered and pinned to the wall with it by Cap.

Captain America moves closer to Reed and feasts upon him, revealing himself to be a vampire. And so are the Invaders, who arrive a moment later. Fiona manages to bluff the Invaders and sets off a blinding flash of light allowing her and Marty to escape from the Vampire Invaders.

Cap orders Bucky to access the video records from the lab's security camera. Cap's plan is to frame Martin and Fiona for the death of Reed Richards, and then lead his Vampire Invaders to Earth-616 for an endless supply of humans to feast upon. It seems that due to the Super-Simian serum in Cap's blood, he can be active during the day, while the Invaders have to sleep during the day like the average vampire.

As Marty and Fiona try to find a place to hide until dawn, they run into Speedball who knocks him out. The next morning, Cap broadcasts a statement to the world about Marty and Fiona, turning the world against them for the death of Mr. Fantastic. Cap spins it that Marty and Fiona are just a scouting party from the alternate Earth, the first stage of an invasion of their world. So after they are found, Cap will personally lead a preemptive strike through the gateway back to their world to destroy the threat.

The next evening, Marty is awoken by Speedball in Dr. Strange's sanctum sanctorum and is surrounded by a number of heroes who seem to be a resistance force against Captain America.

Appearing in "The Official History of the Marvel Apes Universe: Part 2: When Simians Clash Again"

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Synopsis for "The Official History of the Marvel Apes Universe: Part 2: When Simians Clash Again"

The Watcher continues his recap of the history of his universe, while drunk.

Appearing in "Bonobo-Pen Bulliten"

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Synopsis for "Bonobo-Pen Bulliten"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

Flingin' feces, True Believer-- the entire Marvel Universe has gone APE! Just when he thinks life can't get any worse or weirder, Marty Blank – a.k.a. that lovable loser, the Gibbon -- finds himself and the brilliant-and-beautiful Dr. Fiona Fitzhugh transported to a world where monkeys rule and humans don't exist! SEE the spectacular simian city of Monkhattan! MEET the hominoid heroes and villains – SPIDER-MONKEY! DOC OOK! IRON MANDRILL! SIMIAN TORCH! THE APE-VENGERS! And more! THRILL to the return of Speedball! CONTAINS No-Ads, as we are thrilled to present you backup tales exploring the Apeiverse! LEARN the dark secret of the primate planet! WORRY that the fate of the entire universe is in the hands of the Gibbon! Not a hoax, not a dream, not an imaginary story - just the most not-to-be-missed mini-series of the season! If you only buy one (well, two) comics this month about super-powered, intelligent apes-in-capes, it must be MARVEL APES!


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